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Nicaragua Map - Physical Map of Nicaragua

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Description: The Physical Map of Nicaragua showing major geographical features like elevations, mountain ranges, ocean, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Nicaragua Facts and Country Information...

Nicaragua is a country based in Central America which shares coastlines with both the North Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. With an area of 130370 square kilometers it is the largest Central American country. 119,900 square kilometers is land and 10380 square kilometers is water. The country lies between north latitude 13 degrees and 85 degrees west longitude. The total coastline measures up to be 910 kilometers long. The country has 3 main zones: the coastal lowlands towards the coasts and the central highlands.

The Pacific lowlands have the largest lake in the country known as Lago de Nicaragua. The Rio Tipitapa joins the two lakes in the area. The central highlands are characterized by many peaks which have an average height of 900-1800 meters.

The Caribbean lowlands are flooded by many rivers such as the Coco, Prinzapolka, Escondido and Rio Grande de Matagalpa. The highest point in the country is known as Mogoton which is 2438 meters above sea level. The lowest point however lies at mean sea level on the North Pacific Ocean. The country lies on one of the most active plate tectonics this cause innumerable earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt each year. A number of hurricanes also frequent the area along with landslides.

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