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Description: The Physical Map of Micronesia showing major geographical features like elevations, mountain ranges, deserts, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Micronesia Facts and Country Information...

The Federated States of Micronesia is a country situated in the Western Pacific Ocean and in the Micronesia region of Oceania. The group of islands consists of 607 independent islands spread across the ocean. The vast spread out islands also reaches till the Polynesian Region. The islands are a part of the Caroline Islands Archipelago.

The total area covered by the islands measure up to 702 square kilometers of which 100% is land. The total collective coastline measure in at a massive 6,112 kilometers in length. The terrain is divided into two as some islands have high rocky peaks while others are low lying coral atolls. Totolom is a volcanic peak and is also the highest point in the entire group measuring in at 791 meters above sea level. The lowest point however rest at the mean sea level with the Pacific Ocean. The islands have rainfall all throughout the year and most of it falls on the east based islands.

The islands with the rugged peaks also have forests on the windward side. Pohnpei is one of the wettest places on the planet as is receives 330 inches of rainfall every year. Being located to the south of the Typhoon Belt, the islands do have unannounced typhoons and cyclones.

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