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Description: The Physical Map of Palau showing major geographical features like elevations, islands, ocean, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Palau Facts and Country Information...

The Republic of Palau is comprised of more than 250 small islands and 8 principal ones. The islands constitute a part of the Caroline Islands Chain and are located in the North Pacific Ocean. The geographic coordinates read as follows: 7.30 degrees north latitude and 134.3 degrees east longitude. The islands lie in the Oceania region of Micronesia and cover an area of 459 square kilometers all of which is land.

The combined coastlines measures up to be 1519 kilometers long. The combined territorial sea claimed goes on till 3 nautical miles from the coast. The climate is particularly tropical with a long wet season from May to November.

The topography of the islands vary from high mountainous ones to low lying coral atolls. The highest point lies in the island called Babeldaob and is known as Mount Ngerchelchauus. It is 242 meters high and the lowest point rest at the mean sea level on the Pacific Ocean. Due to no freshwater rivers or lakes being present most of the land is infertile and only 2% of the entire land mass is arable. The islands rest near the border of the Pacific Typhoon Belt and are often struck by storms.

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