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Solomon Islands Map - Physical Map of Solomon Islands

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Description: The Physical Map of Solomon Islands showing major geographical features like elevations, mountain ranges, ocean, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Solomon Islands Facts and Country Information...

The Solomon Islands is an archipelago which lies in the South Pacific Ocean. The geographic coordinates of the country are 8 degrees south latitude and 159 degrees east longitude. The total area covered by the islands adds up to 28,896 square kilometers of which 910 square kilometers is water and 27,986 square kilometers is land. The coastline shared by the islands is 5,313 kilometers in length.

The islands mostly contain high rocky mountains and a few low lying coral atolls. The two main islands have volcanoes on them and the smaller ones are covered with palm trees and sand. The climate is mostly tropical with distinct wet and dry seasons. The highest natural peak on the archipelago is called Mount Popomanaseu which measures in at 2,332 meters above sea level and the lowest point lies at mean sea level on the Pacific Ocean.

The islands also have a few rivers of which Waikoto is the longest. Other major rivers include the Lunga, Tenaru and Matanikau rivers. The fresh water makes up for the .62% of arable land on the islands. The islands also suffer from frequent hurricanes as they lie in the hurricane belt of the Pacific. Volcanoes are also a major worry sometimes.

Political Map of Solomon Islands
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