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Description: The Physical Map of Tonga showing major geographical features like elevations, islands, ocean, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

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Tuvalu is an archipelago formerly called the Ellice Islands, situated in the West Pacific Ocean. The group has 6 coral atolls and 3 reef islands. The total land area covered by the country is a mere 26 square kilometers. It is located in the sub region of Oceania. The country lies between south latitude 5.41 degrees and east longitude 179.5 degrees.

The country has no rivers or lakes as all of its area is covered by land. The country has a coastline of 24 kilometers with the ocean. Most of the country is low lying and the highest peak is just 4.6 meters above sea level. The lowest point rests at mean sea level on the Pacific Ocean.

The islands have a tropical type of climate which is frequently by trade winds. The average yearly rainfall is about 140 inches. The islands sit on the north end of the cyclone belt and have often been devastated by the strong winds. The islands have many lagoons, the largest of which is located at Funafuti. There are no fresh water lakes or rivers in the country. Most of the country is covered with coconut plantations which replaced the earlier forests. Located on the Pacific Tectonic Plate the country also experiences earthquakes.

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