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Description: Detailed large political map of Argentina showing names of capital city, towns, states, provinces and boundaries with neighbouring countries.

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Argentina is the land of Pampas and extensive mountain ranges, known as the Andes. Situated on the southern extremity of South America, with Buenos Aires as its capital, Argentina offers exceptional outdoor activities ranging from hiking to skiing as well as exceptional exploration for nature lovers in Patagonia, Ushuaia being Argentina's southernmost city. Here the land is rugged and weatherbeaten with majestic glaciers and an immense population of seals, birds and other arctic animals, which can be admired when the climate is milder, from October to May.

The Iguaz├╣ Falls, in the northeastern part of Argentina as well as the deserts and steppes in the northwest are a must, for these are amongst the most beautiful sites in the country. In the east lies the flatland of the Pampas and the Gauchos stretching from Buenos Aires to the south of Santa Fe and Cordoba. Chaco, in the north is a subtropical area covered by forestland and wetlands and inhabited by a wide range of animal and plant species.

Buenos Aires and other capitals throughout Argentina all boast historical backgrounds offering a glimpse of the colonial era and elegant architectural sites. There are also many examples of different religious architecture ranging from Buddhism to Russian Orthodox. While Spanish is the official language, English, Italian, German and French are also spoken.

The climate varies greatly, the north being subtropical, the southernmost tip in Patagonia sub-antarctic, while the Pampa is mild and humid.

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