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California Map - Physical Map of California

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Description: The Physical map of California showing major geographical features such as rivers, lakes, coastal outlines, topography and land formations.

California State Facts and Brief Information...

California is the third largest state in the country of United States of America. It covers an area of 423970 square kilometers. The main ecological regions of the country are the Mojave Desert, Sierra Nevada and the Central Valley of fertile lands. The State also has the highest and lowest point in the 48 states which are contiguous.

The highest is known as Mount Whitney whereas the lowest is called Death Valley. The state also has many mountain ranges of which the Klamath Mountains, Cascade Range, Coast Ranges, Sierra Nevada, Transverse Ranges and the Peninsular Ranges are the most prominent.

The Klamath ranges are present in the northwestern part of the state. The Cascade Ranges are also known as the Pacific Ring of Fire as they contain several volcanic peaks. The northeastern corner of the state is covered by the Modroc Plateau. It is the area between the Warner Range and Cascade Mountains.

The Basin and Range area lies on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada. The area came into existence as a result of an extension of the Earth’s Crust. It also has the deepest gorge known as the Owens Valley. The Sacramento River is the longest in the state as it flows for 716 kilometers. The eastern part of the state is covered by the Colorado Desert and the Sonoran Desert.

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