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Description: Detailed large political map of Wisconsin showing cities, towns, county formations, roads highway, US highways and State routes.

Wisconsin State Facts and Brief Information...

Wisconsin is among the fifty states in the United States of America and it is located on the north-central part of the country. This state is surrounded by two great lakes in the country and four states. These four states are Minnesota, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

The largest city in this state is Milwaukee and its capital city is Madison. On its east Wisconsin is surrounded by Lake Michigan; on its west it borders Minnesota and Iowa; on its north it surrounded by Michigan, Lake Superior and the Montreal River; and on its south it is bordered by Illinois.

About 46% of the area of this state is covered in forests. The census of year 2000 showed that there were about 5,363,675 people living in this state.

About 50.6% of the residents in Wisconsin are females and the rest are males. The state has people of different ethnicities and some of the main ethnic groups in this state are English, German, Norwegian, Irish and Polish.

The five major cities in this state where most of the residents live in are Milwaukee, Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison and Racine.

The capital city of this state, i.e. Milwaukee, has about 3/4th of Wisconsin’s African Americans.

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