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10 Top Inspirations to Boost Your Flooring Makeover as to get a Perfect Finishing

Top Methods to Boost Your Flooring Makeover

Bad flooring can affect the overall beauty of a home. If you rented an apartment but don’t like the flooring, there’s hope for you.

A wide range of options are available to boost your flooring makeover. These options are both cheap and durable and you can fix them by yourself.

  1.    Carpet tile floor

Carpet tile is another best option for wonderful flooring. It’s cheap and easy to install. It usually comes in squares.

These squares will allow you to create patterns especially if you select two colors. You can also easily replace a particular session that got damaged. This is better than changing the flooring of the whole room.

While installing carpet tiles, the only needed tools are a knife, measurement tape, adhesive, and chalk.

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Most brands of carpet tiles come with adhesives. They can just be peeled and stocked on the floor. One person can easily install this flooring making it one of the best options.

2.   Painted wood floor

Instead of attaching a foreign material to your wood floor, paint it. Painting a wood floor seems natural and affordable too.

Most times after removing a carpet or rug, you get confused about the next option. This option leaves your floor looking good and while you decide.

Well painted floors might even be your next best option. Many homes prefer to have their wood floor just painted.

It requires a few days to get it done. You’ll need sandpaper, a roller, a vacuum cleaner, a paintbrush and then your paint.

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First, you have to sand the wooden floor. This allows you to get rid of dirt, makes the new paint absorb and lasts longer. Vacuum the floor after sanding to get rid of the dust.

Afterward, give the floor a coat of primer, preferably oil-based. Allow this to dry for a full day. Then, paint the floor 3 times. The coats should be thin. Allow this to dry too for a full day.

Finally, apply polyurethane of 2 coats. The double coat is to allow the paint to last longer. Allow it also to last for 24 hours before using the floor.

Most times, it’s good to inform your landlord before painting the floor. Prior to his or her permission, you can then enjoy your new beautiful floor.

  1. Engineered wood floor

The engineered wood floor is almost similar to a solid wood floor. It’s only different because it comes in many varieties and patterns. It can be used for the flooring of porches, living rooms or basements.

The edges of engineered wood have a groove and tongue. The engineered wood requires power tools to be installed. It requires a harmer tacker or floor stapler to be installed.

They are numerous ways of installing the engineered wood floor. You can float them on foam or glue them down or nail them. Whichever method used, the engineered wood floor looks great.

  1. Peel and stick vinyl floor tiles

The peel and stick vinyl tile is one of the easiest and affordable floor covering. It comes with its own adhesive.

This tile usually comes in a 12 by 12 size and in different colors too. A combination of two colors can be a nice choice.

The equipment needed for its installation includes a knife, chalk and measurement tape. This type of tile can make a good bathroom and kitchen floor tile.

  1. Foam floor tiles

Foam floor tiles usually come in an interlocking form. This makes it unnecessary to use adhesive on them.

They’re usually soft on the foot, making it suitable for bedrooms, playrooms, gym areas, etc. They’re also thick and last longer.

Form floor tiles usually look like rugs when installed. They come in different designs and can be installed by one person.

  1. Painted concrete floor

Just like the painted wood floor, painted concrete floor is also a very cheap floor type. A well-painted concrete floor gives the room a quality look.

Instead of leaving a concrete floor bare, it’s better to stain it. Ensure you use quality paint for your stain to boost the look of your apartment.

A painted concrete floor will need days to dry up before the area will be used. This will enable the paint to last longer.

Before applying the paint, ensure you have a clean surface. Get rid of all dust particles. Preferably, vacuum clean.

The best kind of painting for indoor use is the acid stain. After the usual acid stain, seal the area with polyurethane. Ensure you wear protective objects while acid staining.

  1. Laminate floor

Laminate flooring is another affordable flooring choice. It comes in a wide variety. The down layer is usually wood. The top layer can come in the mimic of wood, ceramics, stone, tile, etc.

One good thing about the laminate floor is that it is easy to maintain. It is usually installed like the engineered wood floor but it’s much easier to install.

Laminate floors are also strong and longer than lots of other choices. They’re known to resist scratches better than lots of other wood options.

  1. Linoleum floor

This type of flooring is a resilient one. It lasts longer than most of the other kinds of flooring. It’s made of natural ingredients making less harmful to the users.

It’s one of the oldest flooring types. Nevertheless, it’s still widely used. Linoleum flooring is best used in areas that use less moisture so that it can last longer.

Most linoleum flooring comes in coatings that will protect the outside area. This makes it safer for any kind of use.

It’s thick and feels good on the feet. It also comes in different designs and materials. Installing it is also easy.

  1. Carpet floor

This type of floor is known to conserve energy. It provides warmth and is also soft on the users. It is usually made of nylon, polyester, acrylic, wool or other soft fiber.

Carpets can be best used in sitting rooms and bedrooms because of their cozy texture. One limitation of carpets is that it is most difficult to maintain. It can easily accumulate dirt and this makes it a little unhealthy.

  1. Cork floor

Cork floors are usually used in offices because of its subtle appearance. They are made of sheets processed from cork oak trees.

These floors come basically in wood or tiles and in different designs and sizes. They’re usually warm in the foot. It’s another form of resilient flooring. They seems to spoil easily when used in too moist areas.


Consequently, every area that you’re flooring has its own special needs. Choose a flooring makeover that’ll both make the area look good and also last long.

Your apartment flooring certainly contributes to the overall comfort and uniqueness of the area.

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