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How To Furnish A Small House To Make It Look Bigger

Couple Sitting On Floor Looking At Plans In Empty Room Of New Home

Most young couples and indeed older ones nowadays look for smaller houses or apartments when shopping around for a house. This can be understandable considering today’s price range and how it is practically impossible for a young couple to afford such prices.

Therefore many focus on smaller surface areas which need to be furnished by using smaller components that must be practical and take up the least possible space to allow for more living area.

Let us consider the composition of a house and its reduced dimensions. The standard size would be a two-roomed flat divided into two areas: a living area for the daytime and a sleeping area where the bedrooms are located as well as the bathrooms.

There may also be a balcony and full length window that will allow for extra natural light. There are in fact laws that determine specific dimensions that must be respected in the design of interior environment, which will give you a rough idea of what to expect in a residential complex of new generation constructions.

Open space solutions are great for achieving the impression that you have a large living area. The kitchen area opens on to the lounge providing a large space in which you can live and communicate more freely.

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This will avoid the sense of closing in with walls and will also provide extra light for the whole apartment. The extra space will also provide better possibilities for furnishing and you can let your imagination run free.

If you do not like the idea of an open space you can divide the environment into two separate areas with a low wall as the dividing element on which you may add components such as bookshelves and other pieces of furniture that will add to the decoration of the rooms and be practical too.

You may also like to consider a kitchen with a high breakfast table as a partition; this will separate the areas without taking away extra space. However just one colorful picture will add light and personality to the apartment.

Paint the walls with light colors this will avoid feeling closed in and add light-colored furniture that will reflect the light and make all the room brighter and warmer at the same time.

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