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14 Perfect Home Exterior Makeover Tips You can Apply in Your Remodeling Project

Top Remodeling Tips to Consider in Your Home Exterior Makeover Project

The exterior of your home tell a lot about your personality. It’s the first impression people have about your house. It serves as an introduction to your interior.

You might decide to have a home exterior makeover project. The first and most important thing to do is to create a plan. The plan will give you direction. Also, ensure you stick to the plan.

The plan comes from the numerous ideas you got from research on exterior designs. If the plan is not what you can execute alone, hire an experienced contractor.

Whether you’re renovating or making up a curb appeal, the tips below will be helpful. Continue reading to discover the best ways to handle your exterior makeover project.

  1. Make your front door stand out

Your front door is usually the major focus in the home exterior. Update the look of your front door. If your front door is too old, consider changing it.

Go for a front door that is solid. If possible, opt for the one that allows glass panes. It should also permit more light. The front door should also match your edifice style.

Alternative to changing the door, give a facelift by repainting it. Use bright paint to make the door welcoming.

You can change or replace the front door by yourself. It doesn’t cost much to get your front door repainted.

  1. Remodel your pathway

Another very noticeable aspect of your exterior is the pathway. Visitors will first step into them before coming into your house.

You can use stones, bricks or stained concrete or masonry to remodel your pathway. You can as well use plants or lighting to create an attractive pathway.

  1. Select a good roof

The roof of the house is very similar to the walkway. It’s one of the most noticed exteriors. When you have an exterior makeover project that involves roof change, choose a quality roof.

There’s always a good roof in your price range. Look out for it while changing your bad roof. Ensure it’s been fixed by a professional to make it perfect.

  1. Care for the lawn

Mow your lawn to give an improved exterior. A well-mowed lawn gives a cool curb appeal. It shows the occupants are organized.

Keeping the lawn well maintained doesn’t cost much. It only requires little of our time. The season of the year will determine how often you mow. The most important thing is that you keep it clean and attractive.

Don’t allow the lawn to get brown. Reseed the lawn if you find the grass dying and ensure you maintain it.

  1. Repaint the house

If you discover home paint is getting bad, try repainting it. You don’t necessarily need to hire someone to do that for you. You can easily do the painting by yourself.

.A fresh paint gives a total facelift to your exterior. It makes the house look almost new.

  1. Install window boxes

Window boxes make the exterior look more attractive and inviting. You can install the box in the window and grow colorful plants and flowers.

The plants in the window boxes can serve dual purposes. You can plant colorful herbs that you can use in cooking. You can as well just plant seasonal plants.

If you already have window boxes, try activating them. Repaint the boxes and replant them too.

  1. Add a light fixture

You definitely will have visitors in the night. You might also come home in the night too and people will also see your house at night.

Adding fanciful but quality light fixtures will make the exterior stand out. You can decide to choose a lantern. Hanging either a gas, solar or electric lantern will do wonders to your exterior.

If you already have light fixtures on your front door, make them functional. Clean up the dust and cobwebs and replace the faulty hardware.

If you have a dark pathway, it really looks scary. So, make it inviting by adding colorful light fixtures.

  1. Plant flowers and trees

Flowers and trees doesn’t just make your environment beautiful, they’re healthy as well. They improve lives.

You can choose seasonal flowers for your front yard or create a garden. If they’re no trees in your front yard, try planting some.

Planting fruit trees can be more useful. You get to eat their fruits and still beautify your exterior. If you’re not choosing fruit trees, choose trees of flowering variety.

You can select flowering trees from their numerous varieties. You can choose dogwood, star magnolia, golden chain trees or crape myrtles, etc.

  1. Redesign your mailbox

Your exterior looks more appealing when it’s totally stylish. If you have an old mailbox, consider redesigning it.

Make your mailbox over to give your exterior a facelift. A standing mailbox or one that can be attached to the wall will do well.

To add more curb appeal, plant flowers around the mailbox stand. This will make it unique.

  1. Enhance your house number

Visitors will always look out for your house number. This makes it one of the most important spots in your exterior.

Replace the old house number and give it a modern look. You can choose a design that matches your house design. It can a little of your time but you’ll be glad you did.

  1. Limit your outdoor furniture

Having too much outdoor furniture can make your exterior look cluttered. It’s good to have a moderate number of outdoor furniture for a better look.

Try to fix spoilt furniture immediately as this will make your exterior look cared for. Limit your front porch furniture to a few stools and add a center table.

You can add a few rocking chairs and a swing alternatively. Ensure also that they are strategically located to make a perfect exterior.

  1. Improve your garage door

In most houses, the garage doors are not seen. If you happen to own a house that exposes your garage, try improving it.

Ensure that the garage door looks like with your house design. If you have an old looking door, try renovating it. You can repaint the door instead of replacing it.

Before repainting, try power washing the door so that it will look new after repainting. Add extra glow by adding a similar light that was added to the front door.

  1. Raise an arbor

Having an arbor at the gate or the doorway is extremely charming. You can plant climbing roses or any other plant at the gate or the pathway.

Arbors are not expensive to build and they can be built within a weekend. After building the arbor, they can be painted to match the color of the exterior. A garden can also be erected at its base.

  1. Consider adding a doormat

Everything about your exterior should be attractive especially if they can be seen from the road. A visitor matching a doormat feels a welcoming appeal.

A doormat apart from making your front door look welcoming also makes it attractive.


The exterior of your dream can be achieved with these points. In just a weekend and in a few hours you are done your exterior makeover.

Follow the tips and with a little budget, execute your exterior makeover project plans.

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