3 Traffic Exchange Tips To Make Them Work For You

3 Traffic Exchange Tips To Make Them Work For You
3 Traffic Exchange Tips To Make Them Work For You

Traffic exchanges seem to be everywhere. I always thought they were a waste of time. Basically in my mind how could you get traffic if all everyone did was surf from page to page never actually paying attention to any of the ads. Boy was I wrong.

Here are 3 traffic exchange tips that will make a difference in your traffic if you use them.

1. People actually do pay attention to part of the ad. Usually the title and maybe a couple of sentences or graphics. I know I did. The ads can be quite interesting. You certainly can get ideas for ads of your own.

So what does not work. Long sales pages are boring. So are pages that immediately blare out sound or someone’s voice. I am playing music on my computer and will not even let those ads finish. I just leave and go to another page.

What does work is landing pages or as they are sometimes called, splash pages. Just a short hard hitting ad with a sign up form to receive a free gift in exchange for your contact info for future follow up. These work great.

2. Surf several traffic exchanges at one time. If you are after credits then you can not wait for one ad to end and the next one to come up. You need to load up 4 or 5 traffic exchanges at a time. Work your way from one to the next until you make it back to the first one.

Although this is not as fun as actually reading the ads, if you treat it like a job then your job is to get as many credits as possible and this one way to do it.

3. Read your emails and see which traffic exchanges are running specials. If one has double credits spend most of your time on it. Make the most advantage of your time.

4. Upgrade as soon as you can on your favorite traffic exchanges. This only makes sense. You earn more credits, more impressions, more text link ads, or whatever that exchange offers. When you surf each click can be worth 2 or 3 times as much as well which really makes a difference in your exposure.

Depending on the exchange you can upgrade for anywhere from 5 a month to up to 30 a month. Upgrading is up to you, but I advise it if you can afford it.

This is 4 traffic exchange tips that I know work for sure because I have tried it first hand and saw a definite spike in my traffic from it.