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4 Great Gift-Wrapping Ideas For Everyone

Remember how your grandma always used to wrap gifts in newspaper, or worse, just put them in plastic bags? How unexciting, especially when you were a little kid!

You could either see what was in the package before you opened it or at best, you got to read the comics before tearing into your present.

After that, you vowed not to use newspapers or plastic bags. Unfortunately, though, you hate wrapping gifts as much as your grandma did! Yet you still want to do something unique! Well, here are four creative gift-wrapping techniques that even a one-armed paper-hanger could wrap up successfully!

First, let’s tackle the old stand-by. That is, giving people money. This is a fine thing to do, and there is a way of presenting it that no one will forget. Hold the bills the short way, and make some accordion-style folds in them.

Be sure they can stand up by themselves. Next, put them in a card, using a piece of tape to close it. When the card is opened, the money will jump out with a surprise greeting all its own!

Did you know piñatas aren’t just for candy? They can be used for presents, too. You can make a simple, inexpensive one out of a balloon and paper mache.

Blow up the balloon, making sure you put the present and any necessary filler such as paper, inside so it doesn’t rattle too much.

Then, tie the balloon, and make a paste of flour and water. Next, cover strips of newspaper with the paste, and put them on the balloon, pressing them firmly to be sure they hold.

Lastly, wait for the balloon to dry, and you will have a gift encased in a piñata! This takes some time, but it’s worth the lasting memory you’ll create for the recipient.

If you feel like playing a joke on someone, you can make the gift look like something he or she doesn’t like or doesn’t want as a present.

For instance, most children do not enjoy receiving clothing and shoes as gifts. As a result, you can make presents look like clothing and shoes simply by switching the boxes. However, when the gift is unveiled, it’s just what the person asked for.

Finally, an idea for wrapping small presents is to use official-looking boxes or envelopes. Those who look like bad omens work well here.

These may include envelopes from past bills, checkboxes from a bank, credit card applications, etc. Inside, however, could be a gift certificate to a favorite store or restaurant, or even a lottery ticket.

These are only four unique ways to wrap gifts. They make it no longer necessary to use old newspapers or plastic bags, unless, of course, the recipient has a paper route and you feel devilish!

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