5 Principles Of Conscious Living For Many Happy Returns

5 Principles Of Conscious Living For Many Happy Returns
5 Principles Of Conscious Living For Many Happy Returns

Knowing how the universe works is the key to a happy life. The principles outlined below ARE true and they work!

They can be applied by anyone wishing to live a more fulfilling life by consciously applying universal laws.

They were outlined by Master Charles Cannon and I have found them to be a reliable conduct guideline, resulting in a very happy, fulfilling, and rich experience of life.

Principle 1: “I am Source, I am the power”

All is one, I am one with you while yet being differentiated from you. There is no other. Oneness creates diversity, like waves in the ocean. Just because it can.

The formless (Source or God) delights in the creation of the form (everything else we know). Yes, it has the power to do that.

With this comes the responsibility of how we, as individuated forms of consciousness, conduct ourselves in our life. While I, me and myself did not create the trees around me, I create the experience and interpretation of the experience.

If I drive into a tree at one hundred miles an hour, I  will have a different projection of what a tree means to me than if I collect ripe cherries from it. See what I am getting at?

A tree IS a tree but my experience of a tree can take on multiple faces. Now this is a simple example but change the tree into your mother in law or an annoying neighbor.

You have the power to change how you feel and what you think about others and about situations. It is a matter of willingness and practice at changing perspective.

Once you get the hang of it life becomes a lot lighter. Why would you keep on creating misery for yourself?

Principle 2: “I create my creation”

Since I am consciousness and consciousness creates everything, then I create my reality. Now I am not about to tell you that if you wish really really hard for a big house and lots of money and all that you will get it. Others have done it, you have tried and it didn’t work! Why not?

Because what they don’t tell you is that your ability to manifest what you want in life is proportional to your level of awareness!!! So the statement “I create my creation” is true but to be able to create requires to be conscious.

For many of us it takes workshops, personal development and the likes to bring our attention to our shadow and unconscious habits.

Meditation also helps raise our level of awareness. So become aware and then you can be the creator and play the creativity game.

Principle 3: “I am responsible for my creation”

Since there is only one, you are responsible for the creation. Now wait a minute, we are not saying that the little personality self is the creator.

If your sister gets cancer it doesn’t mean she wished it so, consciously or unconsciously. The creator is all encompassing. But as a wave rising from the ocean you can set your course within your own stream.

So you’ve set your goals, done the hard work and here is the outcome. Are you happy with it? The ingredient essential to taking responsibility is awareness.

Without awareness we are like a bunch of idiots repeating the same ingrained patterns over and over again regardless of the outside situation, sounding like broken records.

Whatever your upbringing was, that is what you will do unless you become of aware of it. Once you are aware you can take responsibility and move on.

Principle 4: “I can change my creation”

Moving on… If you don’t like what you’ve done, change it. If you don’t like who you are, change yourself.

Find someone you want to resemble to copy them. If there isn’t any such person then invent yourself the way you want to be.

Have fun with it, be bold, be wild, or be conservative, but be sincere. With awareness comes acceptance.

Once you acquaint yourself with your shadow you can kiss it hello, and kiss it good bye. It is surprisingly a lot easier than you think. All it requires is a change of perspective.

Principle 5: “I am One and free”

There is infinite freedom once we recognize who we truly are. Once you merge back into the ocean, see/feel/hear/taste/be the connection to one and everything you can freely set your course. I am not even talking about full-on constant merging into the ocean. One instance of dipping is enough.

If you go back there again and again, that’s all well and good. But even if you don’t, fear gradually dissolves and you can live from a stance of integrity, power and illumination.

After awakening, some people’s  lives change dramatically, others don’t. What does change dramatically however is the inner landscape and the experience. You can let it do it’s thing organically or you can cultivate it and it will grow all the more.

More and more people are awakening to their true self and a lot do not recognize it because this is a shift of paradigm and we are not accustomed to it.

Those who have not spent any time in spiritual circles can easily discount the experience by lack of knowledge and those who have might not feel worthy of their master.

The experience does not always comes with big bells and whistles and can be quite mundane. Our mental conditioning can belittle its significance.

If you are reading this article you may already have experienced an awakening or are about to. Take head my friend.

Take responsibility, and live consciously. It will make a world of difference and your will make a difference in the world.