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7 Body Makeovers to Realize Your Fat Loss Goals

Before starting a body makeover plan to realize your fat loss goals, you ought to do tailored body analysis. This is to determine the type of diets that will benefit your body greatly.

Body makeover implies changing a person’s appearance using special meal plan or exercise program. Here, we are considering the method of one meal at a time. With this body makeover, you can get your body reshaped in a relatively short period.

The right plan will help get you into shape. It also puts you through on finishing touches about your physique.

The body makeover plan – one meal at a time diet has potential benefits which include, eating from all food groups without calorie counting.

The most important point is to understand what to eat and what not to eat. The basis for this body makeover is a low carb and fat diets, and high protein restricting calorie intake to less than 1200 per day.

We shall be considering a number of body makeover in this article. Following this body makeover appropriately, will make you realize your fat loss goals – one meal at a time.

Six body makeover: one meal at a time plans for fat loss.

  1. Fat-melting foods

Some foods are known to burn fats naturally. These kinds of diets are known as fat-melting or fat-burning foods. Eating these types of foods can optimum reduction in body fat.

Certainly, these foods have overtime; encourage weight loss by showing an improved rate of fat burn. Incorporating fat-melting foods to your daily will help you to get reshaped.

Notably, they contain essential nutrients that can fuel your body system and as well, keep you fuelled on your weight loss journey.

Some examples of fat-burning foods are wild Salmon, oatmeal, dark chocolate, almonds, oysters, coffee, whey protein, just to mention but a few.

  1. High-protein diet

Regular consumption of protein-rich foods is an effective strategy for burning out more calories.

Although high protein diets cut out other important sets of foods, they have a metabolic advantage over low-protein diets.

Scientific studies prove that eating protein-rich diets regularly can make you burn roughly 100 calories daily.

Additionally, protein-rich foods not only increase your metabolic rate but also keep you satiated and reduce food cravings.

  1. Eliminate some foods

At this juncture, you have already known the types of diets that will benefit your body. The next thing to consider is the foods you need to eliminate from your diet.

These foods to eliminate are mainly the ones you found to be counterproductive. That is foods that don’t provide any benefit to weight loss dieters.

Basically, the foods you should target removing from your diets are packaged foods, baked foods, fast foods, cheese, sugar, pasta, processed foods, bread, and fried foods.

Your meals should mainly focus on a variety of nutrition such as low-calorie and low-fat foods. On the contrary, you have to eliminate fats, refined sugars as well as other ones mentioned above from your diet plans.

  1. Meal skipping

It is said that skipping meals on weight loss to save calories often backfires. Conversely, it causes uncontrolled eating because of the resulting hunger.

But, meal skipping can be a way of making small changes to achieve your aim. It is a way of setting new goals within your weight loss goal, and so, putting up a strategy to support the journey.

This plan will actually seem new at the initial stage, however, it will automatically turn to a routine after sometimes.

What matters most here is the content of your one time meal. Make certain to include all the foods that improve satiety. In this case, you are going to observe one meal at a time.

Therefore, consume more fibers and protein to stay full for the remaining hours of the day.

One thing unique about this program is that; you have to identify your specific body type, and then customize it the way it will suit your personality.

You also have to provide answers to problems like energy level, hunger level and how to distribute body fat when it becomes excess.

  1. Healthy food choices from all food groups

One meal at a time allows you to eat from all food groups, but, strictly from healthy food choices. The meal you will eat for the day must be a well-balanced diet.

Note that, filling your plate with carbohydrates or junk foods won’t help. Select foods that will offer all the daily required nutrients.

This plan allows you to eat whatever you want in your eating window, but that does not imply eating junks such as cookies, sugary drinks, and related others.

The recommendation includes all food groups; however, they should be selected from healthy food choices.

Finally, you have to drink water instead of sugary beverages.

  1. Morning meal plan

The morning meal option is very important, do not neglect. Breakfast is considered to be the most important part of the day’s meals.

Although the body makeover plan encourages eating one meal, especially tight, you ought to have a healthful breakfast.

No doubt, people who omit breakfast tend to gain weight than those who eat breakfast appropriately. One meal at a time body makeover plan can be ineffective without a healthy breakfast option.

  1. Combine with low-intensity exercise

Combining this eating approach with low-intensity exercises can be very effective. You may choose to walk or jog on the street for some minutes.

These types of exercises put your body into fat-burning mode. Low-intensity activity can get about 40 to 50 percent of your maximum heart rate.p>

Similarly, a deep breath-in can also tune the body into burn out more fat.  Good news about “one meal at a time” body makeover is that you customize it to suit your personality.


The basis for “one meal at a time” weight loss plan is principled on observing ONLY one meal per day. The concluding part is that you have to fast for the rest of the time, for that same day as well.

Understanding the diet makeover basics; the pros and cons will draw you closer to your fat loss goals. Be in charge; take control of your diets so as to get change your appearance and get reshaped. Discontinue one meal at a time if you feel sick

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