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7 Tips on How To Choose A Chandelier

Chandeliers can pull any room together with their beauty and class. The room that you add a chandelier will surely be appreciated by many. 

You will be able to find any chandelier to match your room theme or d├ęcor.  Adding a chandelier to your room will be a great focal point or accent piece to any of them or style. 

Below are some points to consider while making choices of chandeliers for your home.

  1. Pick the right type

There are polished chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, rustic looking chandeliers, and formal chandeliers for a more formal looking room. 

Now, there are more modern chandeliers with new bolder colors and patterns on shades. You can mix and match the body with different styles of bulbs and shades for the lights. 

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There are so many possibilities in design and lighting.  The choices for chandeliers are endless. There seems to be one for every room in the house. You do not necessarily have to just keep the chandelier in the dining room anymore. 

You can use them in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even entryways. They will accentuate any room in the house, and add a sense of style and design to your home. 

You will be able to find the perfect chandelier for your home anywhere. You can look in department stores, furniture stores, and even online. You will be able to get great ideas from these places and they can help you decide what lighting accessories are best for your room. 

2. Choose the one that matches your home

You are probably not looking to replace your chandelier every time you decorate, so you want to look for one that matches your home’s era, and atmosphere.

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Originally, chandeliers were used to light up giant halls and rooms, or at the homes of the rich as a symbol of wealth. Today, people mount chandeliers for many reasons such as ambiance, safety, security, etc. 

Look at your home and see how you want it to be viewed. If you have an older home and you want to bring that out in your decorating, then you can incorporate a more antique looking light into your room. 

Pick your chandelier first and then design your room around it. It will be a lot easier and less expensive to change the paint later rather than the chandelier. 

3. Select  the proper size

Choosing the right size of chandelier for your room is important. You do not want something so big that it is stuffed into your room. 

One that is too big will make the room look small and crowded. If you get the one that’s too small, it may be missed or overlooked in a room. 

It will blend in, and will not give the room the special accent that you are looking for.  Having the right size of the lighting fixture is just as important as the color and style.

Remember, height and diameter are important determinants for checking the size of chandeliers. So, take into consideration the height of your ceiling and that of the chandelier before you choose.

If a chandelier is too tall, it might possibly extend to the top of your table. Then again, if the length is too short, the room may seem dwarfed by the room. Be sure to opt for the proper size of the chandelier.

4. The shape is another decision to make 

There are lots of different shapes to consider. While selecting the shape of the chandelier, decide which one looks better in your room with your furniture and other belongings. 

The shape will play a big part in your chandelier. Make sure that whatever chandelier you choose, you put a little of your own personality and flair into it. 

Your home is a reflection of who you are. Adding your own special touches to the chandelier may be simple, but it will give your room a special light about it.

Different shapes and forms of chandeliers are:

  • Rectangular chandelier
  • Globe chandelier
  • Caged chandelier
  • Cluster chandelier
  • Caged chandelier,
  • Sputnik chandelier
  • Beaded chandelier
  • Bowl Chandelier / Pendant

5. The style/design should complement the room

Having talked about the shape and size of chandeliers, another important consideration is style. Pick the style and design of chandelier that perfectly suits the room where you’ll mount it.

There are various chandelier styles available, but the idea is to choose the one that is perfect for your space. You can select the best style of the chandelier by looking for artistic intent. 

Some of the designs and styles of chandelier are; industrial chandelier design, contemporary chandelier design, farmhouse/craftsman chandelier design, rustic chandelier design, modern chandelier design, etc.

Crystal chandeliers can suite a modern space; conversely, the modern chandeliers can possibly leave an impression in a traditional space. The idea here is to ensure that the style and design suite your space.

6. Determine the lighting function

What is the basic functionality of the chandelier you want to choose? What is the design statement? People hang chandeliers in their rooms for various functionalities. Determine yours!

You can hang a chandelier to add a sense of sophistication and elegance, brighten or decorate your space. However, if you’re installing chandeliers for light, select the types with down-light to illuminate the areas around and allow for visual activity day or night.

Chandeliers are commonly used in dining rooms, but in a similar way, you can use it as the focal point in the bedroom, living room, or patio to create a statement.

If you want to hang chandeliers for safety, non-electrified chandeliers are recommended. The points below can help you determine chandeliers lighting functions.

Ambient lighting: Work better to provide soft diffused, non-direct light from all directions. Most chandeliers work better to create ambient lighting.

Up-Lighting: Some chandeliers provide task lighting. Up-light chandeliers are great for upward lighting and reflected ambiance throughout the area.

Down-light chandeliers: Chandeliers for down-light functionality reflect an unobstructed beam of light directed downward. They are ideal in the room area to provide direct, focused light around the room space.

7. Determine the correct hanging height

Before you choose a chandelier, measure the height of the room space where you’ll mount it and compare it with the length of the product. This will help you determine the exact hanging height.

Ideally, the approximate hanging height of chandelier should be 30 inches beyond the tabletop, particularly for a ceiling measuring 10 feet. However, if the ceiling height adds by a foot, add one inch.

For instance, a chandelier measuring 34 inches diameter and 30 inches length, should match a dining room which is 18 feet long, with of 10-foot ceiling and a width of 16 feet. 

The point here is that you should mount chandelier with appropriate height to avoid hazards. Do not neglect the height, whether you are installing in a bathroom, bedroom, sitting room, or dining room.

Last Words

Nothing accents the room like the chandeliers. They are the best decorative objects that epitomize the furnishing, architecture, and decorative lighting.

However, there is actually no general rule for selecting the best. Just make a thoughtful choice and leave a wow effect at last.

Getting confused on how to choose the one that best suit? Adhere to the tips above, and bet me, you’ll be on the right track to give your room the best decorative lights.

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