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7 Tips On How To Improve Self Motivation

There are various ways to improve self-motivation and this can be done by following seven basic steps:

  1. Make sure you work assiduously on your motivation by setting yourself goals.

You need to plan and visualize what it is you want to achieve. If you set yourself an ambitious goal you are more likely to succeed than smaller goals. You need to place reminders that will keep you on the route and allow you to stay committed.

You can help yourself by reading quotations on motivation or even use images and photos that will remind you what it is you are aiming at.

2. You can set yourself a reward

This will help you achieve the desired goal and reward the outcome. You must have a system that rewards as well as one that motivates both for smaller projects and larger ones.

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3. It is great to have a grand objective

However, it is important to know exactly how you will get to the goal you have set. This means that it may be easier to divide larger projects into smaller plans or steps, in order to make them more conceivable.

4. Set a deadline

You may find it a good source of motivation when you set yourself deadlines, which you must respect. Try to imagine a sort of fine or penalty if you do not respect the deadline.

5. If we keep our goals and aspirations to ourselves we allow tending to justify our slow progress or lack of focus.

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If we tell others, they will remind us when we are not on track or making excuses. Be careful who you pick when looking for an accountability partner or member of your support team.

Some may actually discourage you at every turn while some will never disagree with you. You need someone who will encourage you to keep moving, but also speak up when results are less than optimal.

6. You can plan and make projects easily

If you do not put anything at stake then you are most likely going to miss out on your goals. It is important to have a strong personal motivation for the goal you have in mind or you may lack energy and will not put enough effort into the plan.

7. Keep track of your progress

In order to assess how much you really are getting done and if you are progressing enough.

Note all your successes and setbacks and also allow yourself an occasional celebration when you achieve a big step, as well as taking note of the mistakes you make so that they can serve you for the future.

You will find that keeping track of setbacks and progress will allow you to visualize the whole project and see what patterns arise from your tracking.

You can then tell what does not work well and what does. This will allow you to plan better for the future and achieve a higher rate of positive performance.

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