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7 Ways to Assist Your Kid Develop a Positive Self-Perception

The way a child sees himself has a lasting effect on his/her productivity level. Parents however have a great role to play towards promoting their kids’ positive self-image.

Kids who’re obese however suffer a great deal of rejection from their peers and this reduces their self-perception.

Parents, in this case, have a lot of work to do to improve and restore their self-image. Parents who need help should follow the tips here for excellent results.

These 7 methods will boost your child’s self-perception especially if they’re overweight;

  1. Encourage your kids

Let your children know that they have your support. Do so, especially as they work towards being the best in all their endeavors.

Even if within you, you don’t expect them to be the best, give them your best wishes. Encourage them to be the best of what they can be.

Most importantly, let them know that no one is perfect. They can make mistakes but should work on not repeating such mistakes. They should also learn from their mistakes.

More so, always know that the way you react when they make mistakes will determine how they believe what you’ve told them.

Let them know that you don’t expect them to be perfect because no one is perfect. This way, they can easily make adjustments when they get things wrong.

Your encouragement to the child will spur the child to expose his/her fear to you. They can easily open up to you because they already know you cannot judge them. They know that instead of condemning them, you can listen and advise them.

2. Associate your kids with others who can encourage them

Most times, if you’re the only person encouraging your child, they might not take it more seriously. Around you, they might be other persons who have shown concern about your kids.

It could be friends, teachers, and neighbors and so on. Whoever it is should be encouraged to encourage your child to be stronger.

By so doing, your kids will see their real attributes beyond their excess weight. They’ll be glad to always do things in the right way and be in control of their daily activities.

Their self-perception will be improved and they can enjoy each day that passes by. They’ll in no doubt, become more productive.

3. Believe in your child’s interest

A child might have a series of activities in which they find interesting. Encourage these interests and help them build it.

Whatever that value is, attach importance to it and help them develop it. This way, they feel responsible and useful.

They will also have the urge to engage in other activities and will eventually improve their self-image. If it any sports activity that they enjoy, register them to be trained. They will end up enjoying themselves.

4. Enlighten them to be resilient

When a child falls, your reaction to the situation can either destroy or make the child. Yes, anyone can fail. Let your child know this but encourage them to try harder next time.

Instead of dwelling on failures, teach and give them steps of what they can do. This will help them do better in their next trial.

Encourage them to keep on trying. Tell them that as they keep trying, they will improve their skills the more. This way, they will definitely win.

In that same sense, celebrate their victories. If you appreciate your child’s efforts, he/she will work hard to always win. Children like praises especially when they are sincere.

Your reaction to whatever situation that was presented will either encourage or discourage your child. A positive reaction will encourage him to always open up to you. A negative attitude, however, will discourage him/her.

5. Talk about the future

In most cases, spark up conversations about the future. Discuss their career choice and let them know you believe they can be great.

In whatever you discuss, be sincere. If from the child’s ability, you think they can’t do well, encourage them to make a change.

Suggest areas you think they can fit in well and give clear reasons for making the suggestion. Let them know that not everyone succeeds in a particular field but we all have individual gifts.

You should as a parent do things to help the child harness his skills and talent into a career. The truth remains that when a skill is improved into a career, the person performs very well.

Let the child know this and provide strategies that can help them in that regard. This way, they will be guaranteed of a secured future.

6. Be in charge

Encourage your children to always look up to you for support. Persevere in whatever you do. Let them know you also have challenges but can never allow your challenges to overcome you.

Function as their role model. If you don’t have enough confidence, build your confidence and self-image. Let the children like your kind of person.

Furthermore, set rules and ensure they all abide in those rules. Most often, children might complain about the toughness of the rule but insist they are obeyed.

Set rules should be changed to match the age of the children. The main idea is that at all times; the children will know there are acceptable ways of doing things around the house.

It’s good to let your children know you’re their friend but also let them know you’re their parent. By enacting rules, the child will know his/her boundaries and work towards not crossing it.

7. Encourage family love

A family should be lovable. The family should be the only place to cool down and enjoy. It should be open to all sorts of laughter and fun.

Parents are responsible for providing a good environment for family love. The way parents manage their families will affect the kids a great deal.

A family should, therefore, be open to jokes and a wide range of humor. This will encourage the child to open up. The child will also feel secured by so doing.


Every parent should bear in mind that how their children behave as adults will determine how well they played their roles as parents.

Children will grow to become adults and good adults in most cases come from good parents. You should as parents utilize these tips to help improve your kid’s self-perception.

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