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A Few Tips For Making Excellent First Impressions When Relating With Others

First impressions are important as these will influence how people judge you from the moment of the first meeting. If you make a bad impression on your first contact with someone, it can be hard to brush this off; this is why you should work on making an excellent impression straight off.

It can take a lot of time to shake off a bad impression you have given someone, therefore it is essential to take your first impression seriously, whether you are trying to impress people or simply making new friends or building relationships.

When you first meet someone, avoid gesturing too much. You need to show people that you are in control and confident, and this is not possible if you wave your hands about or fidget and tap your feet excessively.

People will think that you are not sure of yourself and probably disorganized, and will also make them feel uncomfortable; hence they will be turned off.

When you walk into a room are towards someone you are meeting for the first time, try and move in a controlled and relaxed way and keep you head up.

People will receive a positive and confident message from this body language and perceive that you are a person who can tackle all issues that come your way.

You will make people feel more comfortable and will be respected as someone who knows what she is doing and can take on leadership roles.

Never have a dejected or slumped over attitude, as this will convey a message that you are not confident of your capabilities, as well as being unsure of where your standpoint is in life.

This can be a shame, as you may be a very intelligent and positive person, but you are sending over a low-self confidence message and people will not be interested in getting to know you.

It is therefore important to stand up straight and keep your head up high, so that you can make a positive impression and send a message that will capture peoples attention at first glance.

Eye contact is essential too. When you talk to someone, make sure you keep your eye contact strong as your message will be sent more clearly and have a greater impact on the person you are relating with.

If however, you keep shifting your gaze elsewhere during a conversation, you are sending messages that will not leave a good impression.

Maintaining eye contact is equivalent to showing the person that you are interested in them. People appreciate when you show interest as it lifts their ego, thus will create a great first impression about your person.

The conversation is also important as you will need to choose the appropriate subject and language. If you do not choose adapted conversation topics you will appear either uninteresting or uninterested.

Most people enjoy interesting conversations and if you cannot make one then chances are people will not find you worth talking to.

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