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A Romantic Anniversary Gift

Who does not want to receive a wonderful gift from his or her spouse on the day of their wedding anniversary?

Anniversary gifts are a great way of showing their mutual affection for each other. A romantic anniversary gift means a lot in the lives of a married couple; an anniversary gift is not just another object, it is meant to express your love and commitment to your life partner.

So spare an extra bit of thought to find out the most romantic gift to express how much you care for him or her on the day of the anniversary.

What makes your anniversary gift romantic? It is a little imagination and lots of love for your beloved that make your gift unique and this uniqueness turn it to the most romantic gift in the whole world.

There are traditional and modern lists of anniversary gifts that prescribe specific gift item for particular anniversary year.

According to this list, the paper is associated with first, cotton with second, and leather with the third anniversary and thus the list continues till the 50th.

You can also consult the anniversary gemstone list pioneered by the American Gemstone Association, which prescribed gold jewelry for 1st wedding anniversary, sapphire for the 5th or diamond for the 10th wedding anniversary, and so on.

But this type of listing entails rather a commercial approach and thus lacks a romantic orientation. These are much tried and that is why they lack the novelty.

But you want to surprise and impress your life partner by presenting him or her a gift that is romantic and reflects your passion. So you have to rise above cliché to find a great romantic gift for your spouse.

The first thing to avoid while selecting an anniversary gift is the practical gifts. Yes, the family needs a new refrigerator which will also prove to be quite useful for her.

But if you want to surprise her by bringing a refrigerator as an anniversary gift, you will make the greatest mistake because everything has a proper timing.

So practical objects may be of great utility, but they never make a statement of romance. Romance is all about the finer sides of life and anything predictable contradicts the rules of romance.

Also do not repeat yourself each year with the same gift item. Jewelry may be coveted by all women, but if she receives jewelry sets every year as anniversary gift, then it will lack the essential touch of romance, and will become a matter of routine.

Instead, one year you can buy her expensive designer wear that she was looking at in your previous widow shopping hunt. It will tell her how much you care for her and how her likings matter for you.

So be extremely thoughtful at the time of the selection of your gift. Remember, money cannot buy you romantic gifts. It is your feelings that make the gift unparalleled.

One of my friends once gifted her husband on their wedding anniversary, a greetings card all made by herself in which she has written beautifully why she thought her husband the best husband in the whole world in golden letters.

It cost her nearly nothing, but the tears of joy that she found in her husband’s eyes strengthened their bond even more.

The gifts become even more valuable if they are created just for the recipient. So make a romantic statement by adding a few thoughtful strokes to personalize the object.

As I did a few years ago, I presented my husband- a self-confessed coffee addict- a coffee mug with a short message of love written by me.

It is true that coffee mug has nothing romantic in it with a close connection with mundane life, but the personalized touch adds to it another dimension to make it an extraordinary gift.

You will find on the internet so many beautiful products that can be customized and personalized according to your instruction and if you cannot afford them, do not get upset.

Your imagination is your best asset, create yourself. From a T-shirt to a photo frame, it takes little time and effort to create a personalized gift and your efforts are rewarded when you find your spouse getting ecstatic by receiving such a romantic gift from you.

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