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Domestic Violence – Try Talking to Someone About it

Domestic violence is a kind of abuse that is becoming more and more common these days.

It has happen to be found that certainly one-third of the population suffers from this kind of abuse. They do this sometime or the other during their married life.

It is not easy to be in a relationship if your spouse continues to abuse you some way or the other.

If you tend to be in an harmful relationship, then it is advised that you talk to someone about it.

Talking about domestic violence will help you free yourself from the mental turmoil that you have been experiencing.

Most importantly, the person or people that you talk to (about your problem), can also offer you good advice.

What are the different forms of domestic violence?

Most people believe that domestic violence is physical abuse, but this is not the case all the time.

Many people suffer from other forms of abuses apart from physical abuse, viz. psychological abuse or emotional abuse and sexual abuse.

  1. Physical abuse

Physical abuse is usually the most common type of abuse. It comes in so many ways causing you a threat and hurt.

However, if you do not open up to someone, you might not be able to realize what to do. Most common types of physical abuse include;

  • Tight hold or choke
  • Punch or slap
  • Throwing of things
  • Kick or
  • Push from your partner.
  1. Psychological or emotional abuse

Psychological abuse can also be labeled emotional abuse. It is a form of abuse that occurs by subjecting someone to what he’she do not feel.

Psychological abuse can come in many ways including;

  • Denial of the truth. When your partner denies something they should take responsibility for even when it is obvious, it hurts.
  • Accusation. When a partner accuses the other partner of infidelity or other cause, it is painful.
  • Jealousy. It is very okay to be jealous of things with your partner. The excess of it which can arise from a spouse accusing you of cheating can be harmful.
  • Excessive monitoring can also cause a great deal of emotional abuse.
  • Insulting or belittling you is an excellent sign of emotional abuse. This act can cause public disgrace because it usually happens in public.
  • You are deciding your life. When a partner chooses to totally what and where the other partner goes, it is heartbreaking because the person will lack freedom.
  1. Sexual abuse

Another aspect of domestic violence that most persons find it challenging to open up is sexual abuse. People involved in sexual abuse often wonder how people will perceive it if they voice it out.

Sexual abuse takes so many shapes such as;

  • Your partner hurting you during sexual intercourse
  • Your partner having sex with you when you do not want to
  • Touching you in a manner that you forbid to be touched or
  • They are putting pressure on you to have unsafe sex.

Why is it necessary to talk to someone about domestic abuse?

Those who are victims of domesticated violence do not like to talk about their situation with someone else because of some reason or the other.

However, there is a strong dissapproval because you will not be able to obtain help from others if you do not tell them that you are in an abusive relationship.

  • They can help you find a solution

If you are to consult to your loved ones concerning your problem, they will help you find ways to solve your problem.

For instance, if you talk to your problem with your close friend, then he or she can offer you valuable advice.

Do not worry that others will laugh at you or look down upon you because you are a victim of domestic violence.

You are usually not the only individual in this world who is in an abusive relationship.

Right now there are countless females as well as men out there who are being abused by their respective spouses.

Many of them have successfully started a new life by getting out of the relationship. Share your problem with your loved ones and they will help you fight domestic violence.

When you hide the fact that you are suffering from domestic violence, this will only add to your problems because you will have no one to talk to about your situation.

There are different people that you can talk to, such as your close family members, friends, support groups, police or your doctor.

How to go about domestic violence

Before you can decide on what you need to do, you need first of all to identify whether you are in any form of domestic violence.

You need to take precaution after you identified your situation. Here are clues on what to do to save yourself;

  1. Pack an emergency bag

This emergency bag is essential because you never can tell the violence will burst out. Who knows? It could be in the midnight.

The content of the emergency bag should be your valuables. Those valuables can include a few of your clothes, crucial documents, cash, medications and possibly an emergency cell phone.

The bag can be kept in a place where you can easily reach it in case of emergency. Such sites can be a particular spot in your home or a trusted friend’s house.

  1. Seek help

You can save yourself from the whole situation by talking about it. You can either talk to a trusted friend, a family member or any domestic violence agency.

By talking about it, you save your life and that of people who care about you. When you talk about it, you can get cousel, or your spouse can get formal advice.

You also get to know your right by so doing because people will be there to stand for you when the need arises.

  1. Put down your experiences

There are times when you will get fed up with the whole issue. The document where you write down your experiences can serve as evidence if you want to claim damages.

Put down all experiences exactly how it occurred, where it happened and then keep the evidence safe for when you need it.

Bottom line

It is not easy to talk to others about domestic abuse. When once you start, you will find that it will make your heart lighter and you will feel much better.

Through the help and support of your loved ones, you can fight domestic violence by getting yourself out of a meaningless relationship.

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