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Acoustic Guitars: A Buying Guide For Newbies

Want to give a boost to your music career? Then invest in a good-quality acoustic guitar. What type of music do you prefer to play, blues? Rock ‘n’ roll?  Or is it the country or folk tunes you love to strum along?

No matter, whatever genre of music is your favorite; you will find a perfect companion in an acoustic guitar which with its rich tone will definitely bring in an added vivacity to your music.

Do you remember the singer Glen Campbell and how he used to come alive on stage with his hybrid acoustic-electric guitars?

And cut to the present American music scenario, and you will find the use of acoustic guitar in every chartbuster and hot numbers of today.

Aspire to join the big league of these American icons? Then an acoustic guitar can help you to reach your goal.

It does not matter if you are just a beginner; you will be amazed to find how fast you can learn to play like a veteran with your acoustic guitar.

Read on the article below to know how to find the right acoustic guitar for you and fulfill the dream of becoming a true star.

You have to know clearly why you need an Acoustic Guitar in the first place. That means what type of music you will prefer to play and the venue where you will be going to display the piece of your skills.

Acoustic guitar sounds are perfect for small and close functions.

But if you are planning to make it big, then you possibly have to go for electric acoustic guitars, which will give you an amplifying effect by getting connected to some kind of amplifier.

Or simply by using a microphone you also get the desired effect.

The place of playing is also important to determine the size of the guitar. In a small stage, a small acoustic guitar will do perfectly.

And if you have to travel a lot with your guitar, then you have no other choice than to buy a lighter and smaller variety.

Don’t worry, you do not have to sacrifice on the quality of the sound, even if the guitar is small.

Type of music you play is an important criterion for buying your acoustic guitar. The kind of music you want to create depends on the strings of your guitar.

For example, if your style belongs to the rock, and jazz genre, you have to buy an acoustic with steel strings. On the other hand, if classical music is your strong point, you will need an acoustic with nylon strings.

Remember, it is not the look of the guitar, but the quality that matters.

The beginners often make the mistake of buying inferior quality acoustic to save money out of the fear of breaking or damaging by misusing it.

But as you mature in your skill, an inferior instrument will serve you no purpose and you will again have to buy another.

So it is better to invest in a good quality acoustic guitar from the beginning to master the art of guitar playing.

The best thing you will get with a good quality instrument is that the tone will mature with your skills to render deeper and fuller tones and then you will find the worth of investing in a superior instrument. A good quality guitar retains its value for generations to come.

Now a quality of acoustic guitar depends on the skillful construction.

It is the construction that determines the sound quality of the guitar. The price of the acoustic guitars that are on the higher side, depending on the quality of the sound it produces and the type of wood used in it.

To judge the quality of the guitar you have to understand the construction of the guitar. Not only the acoustics, but all the guitars vary in their construction, but they all come with the same basic parts: body, neck, head, and strings.


The basic parts of the body are the soundboard, soundhole and the bridge. When you strum on, the hollow body vibrates with the melody and the soundboard transfers the vibration to the body through which sound gets amplified to reach the ears of the audience.

The soundhole on the other hand helps free the vibrations from the hollow body. It is the bridge that connects the strings to the soundboard.

The responsibility of the bridge is to pass on the vibrations from the strings to the soundboard.
Acoustic guitars are narrow in the middle with the bulges on the upper and lower sides.

These bulges are called bouts on whose size and shapes depend on the tone of the acoustic guitar.

Acoustic guitar neck

It holds the fingerboard containing frets which helps you to change the length and tone that comes out of the strings you are strumming.

Acoustic guitar head

It is connected to the neck and holds tuning heads that help you to adjust the pitch of the strings by increasing or decreasing the tension.


The brands like Fender, Gibson, Martin, or Taylor means investment not only for your lifetime but also for tomorrow.

With their unique sounds, the acoustic guitar of this brand will be appreciated by the future generation.

If you prefer to buy from a private manufacturer, you have to carefully examine all its constructional aspects.

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