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All You Wanted To Know About Drip Coffee Makers

For those who have the habit of starting their days with a cup of coffee, a drip coffee maker proves to be a trusted companion.

It is a simple gadget meant to brew full pots of coffee easily and quickly. Starting a busy day with a cup full of Joe made in your drip coffee maker with freshly ground coffee beans is really a comforting as well as cheerful experience.

This is a kind of coffee maker that mixes water evenly with ground beans to produce a beverage that is intense in its flavor and rich in its body.

Mans’s cravings for coffee are as old as its invention. The coffee-making process has undergone levels of innovation and experimentation that gave birth to different styles of coffee making.

While some like the mellowness of a milky latte, others simply die for the quick shot of intense espresso.

In its earliest form, ground coffee was simply mixed with boiling water to prepare a bitter drink that earned the name Turkish coffee in the coffee terminology.

This led many people to try linen and other fabrics as sieves at the time of pouring their coffee. Being too porous it did not survive the test of time.

Next came the French press and the vacuum pot which contributed to the improvement of the consistency of coffee as a drink. But they failed to provide a foolproof filtering method.

It was at the beginning of the 20th century, that a German lady called Melitta Bentz thought of using paper to filter out the liquid to eliminate the grits and loose grounds and this innovative use of paper filter made way for the emergence of drip coffee maker.

However the origin of the automated drip coffee maker is controversial. Though some of the leading manufacturers claim the credit of inventing this gadget, it was not until 1970s that a drip coffee maker in the real sense of the term hit the market.

The avid coffee lovers still like to brew their coffee in a drip coffee maker and prefer this beat-up automatic drip pot over the many states of the art specialty coffee makers.

A drip filter coffee maker is rather a simple straight forward machine. It is constructed with a basket usually made of plastic and a paper filter is attached to the basket.

This filter has the right amount of pours to hold the finely ground, almost powdered coffee beans. There is a separate chamber where cold water is poured into.

The water is then heated and added over the powdered coffee. Then the concoction can be transferred instantly into a carafe. Thus a drip coffee maker provides a simple but efficient procedure to prepare coffee.

In order to get the strong and intense coffee consistently you have to take care that the coffee maker remains clean.

The daily care of drip coffee machines which is rather easy ensures a higher longevity of your machine.

The paper filters should be regularly disposed of. If the machine is provided with a permanent filter, it should be removed after used and rinsed off thoroughly.

Do not let the grounds gather there and go for regular cleaning. The carafe also needs to be cleaned every day and after each use.

Otherwise, the coffee stains will settle permanently on the walls of the carafe and render it a dirty look.

You can use warm, soapy water to remove the stains. To clean the hotplate you can use wet sponge over it.

There are a number of models available in the market and most of them display more or less similar features.

As preparing coffee in a drip coffee maker is rather a simple process, the difference of the taste is attributed to the quality of the coffee and amount of water.

However, these days the coffee makers come with state of the art features that takes control of various parts of brewing procedure.

Evaluate these features in the context of your needs and bring home a suitable drip coffee maker to serve you a refreshing Joe every morning.

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