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Go Fly Fishing This Summer

Water-based sports are very popular during summer it seems people like to be near the water at this time! But while some go whitewater rafting or kayaking, and some prefer scuba diving, you may not be interested in activities that involve too much physical exertion or unnecessary risks. This sort of high-octane, unrelenting extreme sport is not everyone’s idea of good fun.

So what do you do if you are the quiet sort of person, not particularly athletic isn’t there an aquatic sport that you can enjoy?

Relax there’s a popular water-based sport for you too there’s fly-fishing.

Fly-fishing is one of the most soothing and serene sports known to mankind. What’s more relaxing than watching the float minute after minute as you sit coolly by, perhaps reading a favorite book or perhaps chatting away to your heart’s content with like-minded friends or family members? And when a sizable specimen does indeed swallow your bait, the kick that you get out of it is hardly matched in any other sport.

However, not planning ahead properly will ruin the serenity of your vacation and turn it into a hectic whirlwind of last minute activity.

First, consider the location. Your choice of location will obviously depend on what kind of fish you want to catch. Plan your location according to your taste. River or sea or lake, salt water or sweet water, swift or calm, warm or cold all these attribute will vary according to what you want to catch, and what you enjoy.

If it’s a family or group trip, give importance to the opinions of others. You want it to be a memorable trip for everyone; otherwise it wouldn’t be so enjoyable for you either.

Some people place importance on the number of fish they catch, and some emphasize size. Decide what you enjoy most and talk it over with your group to fix your style beforehand otherwise you’ll come home with a full bucket but dissatisfied.

Book your holiday well ahead of the event, because nothing destroys the happiness of a fishing trip more than having to fix basic amenities at the last moment. There are a number of agencies that will help you do this, for a fee.

Choose your gear carefully for the kind of trip you’re planning. Your reels, rods, flies, fly-lines and leaders need to be chosen according to the type of fish and the location you have settled on.

If you’re looking to catch trout in flowing water, you’ll need to use dry flies, which are coated with special substance to make them float on or near the water’s surface.

This kind of bait is also suitable for water bodies where there are lots of submerged weeds and plants. Any other kind of bait would get snagged in the water and sometimes you may even lose your line.

Traditional fly-fishing with wet flies is done under water, and will be suitable for many locales and species. You need to decide what kind of wet fly you want nymphs, lures or true wet flies.

Follow these tips to plan ahead for a relaxing, entertaining and tranquil summer vacation with friends and family.

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