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All You Wanted To Know About Gourmet Coffee

Well, fond of coffee? And almost have a rich knowledge of coffee types and coffee blends? Or is it you are just addicted to the same flavor and taste since you had begun drinking this beverage?

If that’s your choice you can carry on at your own discretion. But will it matter if you are also given a choice of some rich blends of coffee. That may add another charisma in the real taste of your life.

Gourmet as the literal meaning implies to one fond of foods and drinks. So a coffee lover can go for gourmet coffee for the change of taste and flavors all in a single gourmet coffee basket.

Generally, a blend of coffees are placed in a gourmet coffee kit to make it more interesting when every time you alter your choice.

Coffee roasters all over the world experiment with coffee not from a single origin. You must have heard of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Gourmet Coffee.

The name is so because of the location and the specialty lies in the fact that coffee is grown between 2000-5000 feet above the sea level. This rarest combination of coffee blend has its beans very delicate, soft and smooth taste.

What makes this Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee popular among the coffee connoisseurs?

It has been tracked that the weather conditions and the unique blend of geographic conditions with atmospheric circumstances allow the product ion of the finest quality of coffee beans. Moreover due to the cloudy weather and terrain soil, the production is rich.

The whole process of harvest is more manual and organic. This on the other hand helps to increase the freshness of the beans, though the process is a laborious one.

On steep mountain slope, the farmers harvest the ripe coffee berries after only being sure they each one has grown to its full.

All these tedious works are performed only to give you the best flavor of coffee you really seek for.

Another favorite name in the list of gourmet coffee preferred by the Americans is the Kona coffee.

The Hawaii islands are known for producing this much loved gourmet coffee. Kona coffees grown in Kona are among the world’s expensive coffees.

And quite similar to the Jamaican islands, this coffee is best because of the climatic conditions of the region.

Mostly produced in the north and southern districts of Kona, you can feel the Hawaii magic when you have a sip of it.

The best form of Kona coffee is the peaberry coffee bean. Grown in rich volcanic soil and cloudy weather, this coffee bean is graded in different shapes and sizes.

Peaberry is known to be one of the strongest and concentrated flavors of this most wanted gourmet coffee.

Kona is considered to be an elite drink more in demand than simple java and mocha coffees. And a cent percent Kona coffee product is marked by the pure Kona itself.

But the blends are in vogue where Kona coffee comes along with the mixture of other coffee beans grown any other part of the world.

Even the rich aroma of a ten percent Kona coffee is enough to fill your mouth with water if you are a gourmet coffee lover.

Residing in the tropical or sub-tropical climate, you must be deprived of real gourmet coffee production.

But provisions of importing Jamaican, Kona and many such gourmet coffee products can quench your thirst. Don’t haste to refresh with the rich flavor. That’s the spirit of a gourmet!

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