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Are You A Born Leader

People are not born with any particular skill. We are all born afraid of falling and of loud noises, but after that everything else is learned. So it is to become a leader.

Leaders are made not born. Leadership skills are acquired over a period of time based on several factors.

Here are 5 of them.

1. Leaders come in all different shapes and sizes.

It is interesting to study effective leaders. At face value, they are all different. They all have developed their own style based on their own personality and what works for them.

2. A true leader accepts responsibility.

Everything from how they speak to how they act is part of being responsible. It is easy to follow them because you know where they are going and know they will lead you as well.

3. Leaders work at being leaders.

They are always improving their skills and learning from the situations they are in. They study people and have learned how to effectively interact with them to get what they want.

4. Leadership starts at the top but is best achieved when developing a team atmosphere.

Leaders know they can do better when people are working together for one common goal. Sharing in leadership is part of this process.

Making everyone accountable for what they do, but judging success on the overall efforts of everyone.

5. Situations call for different types of leadership.

A well-rounded leader is able to adapt to their surroundings and lead accordingly. Coaching a football team is an example of this.

Sometimes the players need a kick in the rear and other times they need a pat on the back.

6. Leaders are respected for what they have accomplished in the past.

A real leader can speak from a position of practical experience and know they will be listened to because they speak from that vantage point.

A respected leader is able to command more from his people than a leader who is not.

7. Leaders seek opinions and compile ideas before forming a game plan.

Good leaders know that they cannot come up with every idea that will work. By allowing input they are able to make a more responsible decision.

As you can see leaders have skills and they use them to accomplish something every single day. You can become a good leader if you are willing to work and to learn how to become one.

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