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Are You Made For MLM?

MLM is a great opportunity that you can make money with through a cooperative system in which everyone works for you, and you work for everyone.

It is substantially different from conventional business in that it isn’t suitable for all. You need special skills and aptitudes without which you can’t prosper or even last for a very long time.

MLM is completely dependent on networking skills. You see, MLM isn’t really about selling the product.

There isn’t where the real money lies. The real stuff lies in creating agile down lines that work to make your rich.

Most of your effort in this line shall be spent trying to create that down line, by recruiting prospective hard workers into your scheme.

So, the first and foremost thing you need is a social skill. You’ll need to devote your heart and mind to making new people interested in what you have to say, but you also need to strike a golden balance that they’ll never realize what you’re doing until you’ve got them hooked.

Ask yourself whether you’re up to this. If you’re one of those introverted types who don’t go to picnics and parties because they find them too crowded, then MLM is certainly not for you.

Are you an agreeable person?

Because you need to be one in order to succeed in MLM. Money drives the world, and the performance of your down line depends on the promise of profit.

But it also depends on your relationship with them. Remember that this is a very different business technology that thrives not on competition but on cooperation.

If you beat your own drum all the time, you’ll soon find yourself cornered and left alone.

To generate that essential feeling of camaraderie and cooperation, you shall need to give credit where it is due, and even where it may not be due.

If you help one of your subordinates to achieve a target or to crack some particularly hard nut, it may be well to sometimes let them take full credit.

If you look at it as a human investment, you’ll surprised at the benefits you reap later.

But if you aren’t the kind of person that can get along with subordinates without bullying them and driving them pitilessly, then MLM isn’t for you.

Are you self-motivated enough?

Many people want to break the shackles of being in a routine job, but when they’re given the opportunity, they find themselves lacking.

It is one thing to say that you’d like to be your own boss, and quite another to actually do it.

Believe it or not, a great number of people would be unable to work if they weren’t driven along by their bosses.

They would just loll in the sofa or on the bed and while away their time reading or sleeping or watching TV.

Ask yourself seriously are you of that type? Because if you are, then you shouldn’t even think of coming into MLM.

This is a line where you have no bosses no one can make you work unless you want to. And there lies the rub.

If you don’t love work you’ll not only be denying yourself of profits, but also uselessly hindering other people and wasting their precious time.

Most people fail the test. How will you fare?

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