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Avoiding Back To School Blues

Today back to school blues afflict not only the children but even the parents in some cases parents are affected more than the children.

This is not surprising, given the last-minute flurry of activity that overtakes each home as the school reopening time nears.

The only way to deal with this rush of activity is to be organized and for the whole family to chip in.

The first thing to do is to start preparing at least two weeks in advance. Those who start preparing at the last minute invariably add to the chaos, confusion and dismay.

Your first task should be to slowly ease your children into the habit of getting up at school hours. This habit can be infused into them by gradually decreasing their regular wake up time by half an hour

Please use the alarm clock if your child does not get up on your first call. This step will surely ensure that your child is ready to attend his first day of the new school term — on time.

You can revise the children’s sleeping time if you feel that your children have grown up. Most parents think that 8:30 pm is a good time to go to sleep for children who have not reached the fifth grade; after that their time can be extended till 10:30 pm.

However, while making a decision keep in mind that the revised timing should not affect their studies.

A new school term means new teachers and the chance to meet new students as well. It is always helpful if you meet the new teacher and speak with her prior to the beginning of a new session.

In case your child is just starting his school then it is advisable that he should meet up with a few of the other children who would be going to the same grade.

The degree of nervousness usually reduces if your child already knows somebody on his first day of school.

You can also read up the curriculum for the following term with your child. This will help ease the stress and anxiety children usually face as they graduate from a lower grade to high school.

The breakfast is usually the only nutritious meal a child has when he is off to school. Make sure that your child doesn’t miss the breakfast.

There are chances that children, especially younger ones, may not like a bowl of cereal or a glass of milk every day. Vary the breakfast by switching to healthy fruit juices and low-calorie sandwiches.

Teach your children effective time management and organizational skills. The file system is the simplest method available for effective management on a daily basis.

Use colorful labels as headings for your files. Sort out your daily workload and tag them to each of the files.

The labels can be named as pending, hot files, or personal. These labels are the most common; however; you can always make your own labels.

It is best to probably demonstrate how to use this system for a week or two. Supervise the working for a month after they have started handling the file system. This will prevent disastrous mix-ups in the first few days.

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