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Baby Sleeping Tips

If you have become a parent recently and you are completely baffled as to how to make your baby go to sleep, then don’t worry. Most parents go through this stage. All you need to do is have patience and take proper care of your little one.

What we provide here for you are a few basic pointers that can help your bay to have a nice and enjoyable sleep. 

As most parents would tell you, nighttime parenting is as important as daytime parenting. During that part of the day you help your child to develop a healthy attitude about sleep.

It is during his infancy that he should understand that sleep is something enjoyable and is a pleasant state to be in. obviously you can’t force your baby to sleep as you can’t force him to eat.

All you as a parent can do is to provide him with the environment where he feels secure and comfortable to go to sleep.

Daytime naps

Make sure that your baby doesn’t take long naps during the day. More he sleeps in the day means more are the chances that he will stay awake during the night. Even if he dozes off during the day let him to do so in a well lit area so that his naps are short.


Remember too much of a stimulation during the evenings can directly affect a baby’s night time sleep. Avoid serious activities involving the baby as much as possible. Help him to relax instead. If a bath is relaxing for him then let him have one.

Food before sleep

Before you put your baby to sleep feed him in a darkened room so that he gets in to the mood of sleep. The more calm an atmosphere he gets the lesser are the chances of him getting distracted. 

Same space 

It is important that your baby gets familiar with where he gets to sleep. Shifting him around from one room to another every night doesn’t help as he doesn’t get the chance to familiarize himself with one particular space.

But if you make him sleep at the same place every night he slowly develops the sense that that particular space is meant for sleep and when he’s there he needs to have some sleep. Take care to see that the place is not lit and it is neither too hot or too cold. 

Be with your baby 

Try and be with your bay as long as he doesn’t go off to sleep. You can read him a story, sing him a lullaby, or even just do your own work. But you being there comforts him and he feels secure to sleep. 

If he wakes up 

See if he needs a change of his nappy or if he is feeling too hot or cold. He might even be hungry. It is advisable not to encourage nighttime feed. But if you have to then feed him without turning on the lights.

That helps the baby to remain in the sleeping environment and he can quickly go off to sleep once he is finished with his food. Make sure that you are there with him as long as he doesn’t go back to sleep. But no more stories or lullabies at this hour. 

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