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Baby Stroller Buying Guide

Handling the normal day-to-day affairs with a small child proves to be quite exorbitant for today’s busy parents.

A stroller bought with discretion makes your life easier and bringing up of the child turns out to be a really joyful experience.

It is the most used equipment all through the toddling days of your child. In addition of providing comfort and maximum safety, the stroller is also required to be sturdy and adjustable to the increasing growth of your child.

Before buying the stroller, plan ahead to decide which type of stroller suits your lifestyle best and match the size of your pocket.

Strollers are available in all shapes and sizes and include a range of features to match every lifestyle and every budget.


The strollers are nothing but the four wheeled baby-carrying systems that are described by different terms depending on their functionality.

A “carriage” is the most basic type of stroller, where the babyfaces the puller. Prams are most traditional baby carriages with big wheels, meant for the newborns lying down on the comfortable cushion of the carriage.

“Jogging strollers” are three-wheeled rugged carriages mean for the athletic types of parents who prefer to take their child out with them during the exercise time.

Then there is the super compact and extremely lightweight, easy to handle  “umbrella stroller” that can be easily folded up and suitable for your baby from six months onward.

There are also the European style carriage systems” that come with a separate bassinet that fits into the stroller frame in which you can carry your baby up to for the first three months. After that you can remove the bassinet and use the stroller seat instead.

Two things should guide you in your choice of a proper stroller, the budget and your lifestyle.


You can begin by setting a practical budget and then start looking for the options you get within that mark.

You can get standard models from renowned manufacturers like Evenflo and Graco well within 100 and 200.  The deluxe range starts from 300 while the most pompous styles can be bought for 600 and above.


Your lifestyle is a big determinant for your choice of a baby stroller. If you are a compulsive walker, a sturdy model with good suspension is the right choice for you.

You travel more by car then consider having a lightweight model that can easily fit in your car compartment.

Those using public transport also need lightweight and portable strollers that have easy maneuverability. For the parents with regular jogging habits, the jogger type strollers are just perfect.

The number of babies

Couples with more than one toddler need double or triple baby strollers that are specially designed for comfortable walking with two or three children.

Even if one baby outgrows the size of the stroller, the other seat can be used at the time of shopping or keeping the baby things.

The height of the pusher

The choice of the stroller is also conditioned by your height. Because the comfort of both you and your child depends on how conveniently you push the carriage


Check out for the safety features before buying a stroller.

First of all make sure that the stroller has passed the stability and safety tests of The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. Buy only those products with a JPMA seal.

Secondly, go for the systems having a wide wheelbase that prevent your baby from tipping off.

Thirdly, instead of a mere waist belt, go for a stroller having at least a three-point safety belt that passes through the two legs and goes round the waist. However the jogging strollers should be provided with a 5-point harness.

Fourthly, the good quality strollers are provided with oversize wheels with good breaks that can also be locked .The strollers with fully independent wheels allows for better maneuverability.  And a locking device on the front wheel ensures better stability.

Locking machineries should be checked thoroughly to prevent accidental collapse or folding with the baby inside.

Stroller accessories

For extra comfort and convenience, choose from a range of accessories that can be fitted to the stroller to give it a customized look.

Baby stroller rain covers and hoods, Baby stroller baskets, Baby stroller insect net, and Baby stroller toys are all the accessories to make your little ones traveling experience more fun-filled.

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