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Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

Group Of Female Friends Meeting For Baby Shower At Home

During your newborns baby shower chances are you will have guests from all ages and having different tastes.

While some of them might not yet be married, there would also be couples whose kids may be as old as you are.

So, choosing baby shower favors for all of them can be quite a challenging task. You can approach this task from two angles you can either buy different shower gifts according to the tastes of each of your guests or you can go for something that would be liked by one and all.

The second approach is better as it significantly reduces the effort on your part and also helps you to stick to your budget. All the effort you need to put in is to think of something that fits everyone’s liking. 

There is a wide range of gifts available in the market that you can give away as favors for your babys shower.

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But it makes sense if you can add a bit of personal touch to the gifts. This makes the favor special and is cherished by your guests in the future.

Following are some ideas that will give you a few pointers as to how imaginative you can get with baby shower favors. 

Picture frame 

You can buy similar photo frames from any nearby store and use them as party favor items. All you got to do is to have a camera with you that gives you instant images.

Click snaps of your baby with each of the guests and then put the snap inside the frame. You can even tie pink and blue ribbons to it.

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Not only is this a very special gift but it also has something that your guest would love to keep for years. 

Perfumed soaps 

Everybody likes perfumed soaps. You can use them as your baby shower favors. Just put the soaps inside a napkin made from baby fabric rolled in the shape of a diaper. Add a safety pin to it just to make the gift one with the theme of the day.  

Coffee mugs 

You can buy some coffee mugs that goes with the theme of your party. To add a more personal touch you can put flowers inside them while you present them to your guests. A very neat idea.

If you are really creative and have the necessary skills you can even think about painting plain coffee mugs with images that go with the theme of the shower. 


If you are willing to spend an extra bit you can have the picture of your baby printed on t-shirts that you can give away to your guests.

Remember not everyone would be keen to wear your baby on themselves.

So, such gifts should be restricted only among very close friends and families. Instead you can also have the picture of your baby printed on handkerchiefs.  


Though there is nothing much innovative about bookmarks they generally work very well. In your bookmarks you add some lines about your baby and the shower for your guest to remember the party.

You can also use it to convey your thanks to the guest. And if it is well made chances are that it will be put to use and will be something very close to your guests heart. 

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