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Bathing Your Child Is It A Horror?

In many cases bathing time of the baby spells the most horrific experience for the mother with lots of screams, wiggling and tears. It is neither unusual, nor uncommon.

For the newborns or the boisterous toddlers, getting upset at bath time is as normal as the whole process of growing up. This happens especially when, the mother herself becomes panicky or unnecessary tensed.

To turn bath time from a worrying ordeal to a fun session for you and your child, you have to be confident and confidence comes when you are properly informed about the nuances of baby bathing and well-organized for the purpose. 

We offer a few ideas to make the bath time more enjoyable for your little one and more relaxing for you.

Don’t venture to bath your baby when she is in typically bad mood. Try to find out the time   of the day when she keeps up a cheery mood.

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The babies stay in a playful mood when they do not feel sleepy and their stomach is also filled up.

Most of the babies cry out at the bath time to express their discomfort. May be the room temperature is too cold for them, may be the water is too warm.

So, choose a time of the day when it is warmest. As for the temperature of the water, it is generally recommended that you should try to match it as far as possible with the mother’s body temperature. 

Place the baby in the tub and maintain a close proximity for the safety purpose as well as for giving her the assurance that you are only near to her.

Also gently massage with your hands over baby’s body with dipped in warm soapy water. This touch will help to build wonderful bond between you and your child.

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Keep on talking to the child throughout the entire bathing session to distract her attention. You can also sing out nursery rhymes to the baby and keep her entertained. Mimicking animal sounds or whistling also adds to his amusement.

If your baby is able to sit, then place him close to the source of water. He will surely enjoy the scene and touch of water gushing out from the spout.

Place some of his colorful toys in the tub and he will remain busy to hunt for them under the water, while you will be able to finish with sponging and soaping. 

A little older baby enjoys the splashing. You splash water on the child’s body, and also encourage her to splash back on you. It will be a delightful interactive game for your little child.

Also when the baby grows a little older, from 6 to 7months onwards you can fill the tub with bubbles, which will give him immense enjoyment.

But use them sparingly as the frequent use of bubbles may irritate the sensitive skin of the baby.

Bathing your baby is not all about fun and enjoyment, it is a big responsibility.

Cleanliness is the prerequisite for a healthy child. And it is you who can help the child to develop the habit of regular bath.

It also requires utmost concentration on your part, as safety is the main theme of bathing the infants.

At the time of bathing, never, at any cost leave your child unattended. This is the most important aspect of baby bathing tutorial.

Always remember, infants can drown in less than an inch of water and that is within 60 seconds time. Always stay focused, but relaxed.

Just remember, it is a precious phase of your life which is not going to last very long. All too soon he will grow big enough to deny your presence at the bathing time.

So, make a full use of these wonderful days when you are getting the opportunity of spending some really quality time with your little darling and you will sure to cherish the fun filled memories in the later course of your life

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