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Blogging Anonymously

If you worry about certain people or companies reading your blog and discovering who you are, you should know that you can blog anonymously.

There are many reasons for anonymous blogging, but the biggest reason is because of the fact that so many people have gotten into some sort of trouble or another over what they post on their blogs.

People have been fired from their jobs for blogging not because of the fact that the blog, but because of statements that they made in their entries.

People have also failed to be hired for jobs because of their blogs. More and more employers are now doing a search on the Internet before hiring someone for a job. It no longer takes a high priced background check to find information.

Please note that anonymous blogging exists for the purpose of protecting your privacy. It does not exist, nor give you the right, to invade the privacy of others while hiding behind the cloak of anonymity.

Nor does it give you the right to defame others while hiding behind that anonymity. Please blog responsibly, whether you are doing so anonymously or not.

You may wish to blog anonymously to protect yourself when blogging about controversial topics. People who live in countries that do not support or defend free speech, anonymous blogging may be the only choice.

Whistle blowing is a good reason to blog anonymously. For instance, if you know that your company is getting illegal kickbacks of some sort, you can expose or discuss this by blogging anonymously.

Another reason to blog anonymously is when you are writing about your own confidential issues for instance when you are keeping an online journal that is viewable by the public. This is the reason most anonymous bloggers blog anonymously.

There are sites that are set up for the purpose of blogging anonymously, but you can really blog anonymously at any of the freely hosted blog sites, such as Blogger.

The sites that are set up for anonymous blogging include Anonyblog, Invisiblog, and Anonymizer.

If you don’t want to use one of these sites, you can still blog anonymously. Simply get a free email address through a site such as Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo.

You can use a false name when signing up if you want to, they won’t know the difference. Then, set up a freely hosted blog and use a non-identifiable screen name and your new anonymous email address.

Once you are set up, you still must be careful. Make sure that you never make an entry that contains any information that would help anyone figure out who you are.

Be careful about where you blog from. If you blog from work or a friend’s house, someone can easily find out what sites you have been to, and may even be recording your keystrokes.

Limit your anonymous blogging to your home computer, and make sure that you are the only user of that computer and that it is password protected.

Clear your cache, your history, and your cookies after each anonymous blog entry as well just to be sure.

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