Boxer Training For Physical Fitness

Boxer Training For Physical Fitness
Boxer Training For Physical Fitness
Boxer sents his opponent to the knockout. Fighting ring on the background. Box sport.

If you spend any amount of time sitting around a desk or computer for work, you may have noticed a growing problem.
What’s the problem? Your body!

It’s not only growing but it’s sagging too. Now this is a gradual process that can happen over several years, or it can happen quickly, in a matter of months.

When you finally decide you are sick and tired of your body’s drooping, sad state, then I suggest you look into training as a boxer. Stick with me here and I will tell you why training as a boxer is worth it not only for your health but also for your mind.

You may be sitting there thinking… boxers are crazy, half-human, half-animal beings that like to have their heads bounced around and their minds joggled loose, but have you ever seen the physical regiment, endurance, and skill boxers develop over time?

Boxer’s workouts are bone tiring endurance sessions. Their physical stamina is astonishing. And until you hit the gym, training like a boxer, you’ll always wonder what makes them so lean and so cut.

One of the biggest problems people have with this sport is to think they will have to get in the ring and fight other boxers. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Most new boxers are, in fact, taking up the sport for the health-related benefits. So, let’s dispel one common myth right now. You do not have to hit another person, EVER, to take up boxing.

And you never have to get hit by another boxer, if you start boxing. People will ask you, “How do you protect yourself” or “Doesn’t it hurt to get hit”? The answer to that is… you can train as a boxer and never have to fight with another person.

The benefits of boxing are far-reaching. Your cardio strength and endurance will skyrocket after only a couple of weeks working out. You will also start learning techniques and punches that can help you out with self-defense if the need arises.

Another exciting boxing workout feature is the wide variety of exercises used to get your heart and body moving, including but definitely not limited to…

– jump rope
– stair climbing
– jumping jacks
– jogging
– walking
– stretching
– push ups
– sit ups
– shadow boxing
– hitting the heavy bag
– hitting the speed bag
– hitting hand-held target pads

All these workout options make for fun, fresh, and extremely challenging workouts. And the health benefits you get from boxer training are amazing.

This is definitely a sport to help repair the growing health problem in America, and to lift up your sagging body and mind.

Where can you start?

You local city may have a parks and recreation department that offers boxing classes to residents. If not there, check out local workout and fitness clubs in your phone book under “health club”, “gymnasium”, or try “recreation center”.

A couple of them might have boxer training. More and more fitness experts are seeing the health benefits of this amazing sport, so it may be hidden in your city somewhere.

And if that doesn’t work, contact your local chamber of commerce and ask them if they can recommend a boxing source to you, which might help you get started in your search.