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Skiing And Accommodations: 3 Tips To Save You Money

One of the big complaints about skiing is the cost to participate in the sport. Accommodations are normally one of the greatest expenses and one that can be controlled.

Here are three tips that you can put to use this winter to reduce the cost of bedding down for the night.

Book a Bed and Breakfast

Many skiers do not spend a lot of time at the place where they are staying during a ski trip. So, why the book expensive accommodations?

A better approach is to phone ahead and book a Bed and Breakfast. Most ski destinations these days have local B&Bs.

They are relatively cheap and you usually get a good breakfast, which means you also save time by not having to drive to another location in the morning.

So, if you don’t mind sharing a bunk bed with a friend and washroom facilities with the rest of the skiers on the floor, then a B&B is definitely the way to go.

You will save a lot of your hard-earned dollars, which means you can ski more often during the season.

Share a House with Friends

An alternative to a B&B is to rent a house close to the ski resort for the weekend. A lot of locals in the towns and villages near the resorts rent homes to skiers.

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They could be second homes that they have invested in or cottages that they only use in the summer.

These places are usually a bargain especially if you avoid holidays like Christmas and New Year.

You need to get a group of up to six friends together to make it worthwhile. Another benefit is that you can cook your own breakfast and dinner at the house, as well as prepare a lunch that you can bring with you to the ski hill. This means you can make your skiing dollars stretch even further.

Stay Further Away from the Resort

If you want something a little more upscale than a B&B, or you don’t want to be tasked with getting a group of skiers together, there is another option.

You can stay at an inn, hotel, or chalet further way from the ski resort and commute each morning.

Accommodations at or near ski resorts can be expensive, but the rates for rooms drop appreciably the further away you get from the ski hill. How do you find such places?

One of the best ways is to go online and search for accommodations in the region where you will be skiing.

You can locate places to stay within a certain radius of the ski resort, say 20 miles. Check the room rates for a few inns or hotels at that distance, and then narrow or widen the radius, as appropriate, until you find a place that suits your budget and has the amenities you want.

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This can make your trip very economical when compared to staying at an inn or hotel near the ski hill.

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