Tips To Prevent Bicycle Injuries

Tips To Prevent Bicycle Injuries
Tips To Prevent Bicycle Injuries

The commonest of all problems that bother all the bicycle enthusiasts is the injuries that occur while going for a bicycle trip. You must feel comfortable while riding on your bike.

If you ever have neck or back problems then your bicycle doesn’t fit you properly. Riding an improper bicycle can lead to many injuries. To avoid such injuries here are some tips:

a) Adjusting the Saddle: The bicycle seat should be at such level so that your full body weight can be supported and you are able to move around in the seat if needed.

Too much upward tilt can result in pains on pressure points and if there is too much downward tilt, it can make you slide forward while riding.

Therefore it is better to adjust the seat height and wear the biking shoes and riding shorts and place the heels on the pedals.

b) Handlebar Adjustment: Too high, too low, too close or too far handlebars can cause injuries to you. Therefore have the handlebars placed within a proper reach so that you can comfortably use all the positions on the handlebars and can comfortably bend your elbows while riding.

It is also better if you can change the handlebar width or height.

c) Wear proper shoes:  You might often suffer from injuries due to wearing soft-soled shoes. You must wear special shoes designed for cycling that have stiff soles so that it can distribute pressure evenly over the pedal. This will help you pedal more efficiently.

d) Wear padded cycling gloves: Injuries to hand can be prevented if you wear padded gloves, which provide cushioning for your hands. The elbows must be kept bent slightly, not straight.

e) Wear a Helmet: The best thing that can prevent you from injuries while riding a bicycle is wearing a helmet because most bicycle riders die of head injury.

When you go and buy a helmet, check i) whether it sits evenly between the ears; ii) it sits low on your forehead.

f) See and Be Seen: Always ride in such a way so that cars can see you. Always wear bright-colored clothes that reflect light, so that at night all the cars, buses, and trucks can see you.

Always while riding at night, get a headlight in front of your bicycle and get reflectors on the front and back of your bike.

g) Follow the Rules: If you thought that bicycle riders don’t need to obey the traffic rules, you are wrong. No, you also have to follow the same traffic rules and signs as cars.

You must always ride in the same direction as the cars are going. Always ride your bike single-file. Make appropriate signals when you want to stop or turn.

Be careful and always have a proper look at the roads for holes, wet leaves, or cracks in the street. These cause most accidents. Always stay away from the curb because suddenly a car might pull out or someone might open a car door.

Always follow these tips while riding a bicycle and avoid getting injured.