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All About Ski Clubs

Since skiing isn’t really a contact sport, you might want to know why you would bother with joining a ski club.

It may just seem like one more expense to pay, but it isn’t. There are numerous reasons to join a ski club.

First, even if the ski club charges membership fees, you will be saving money. Resorts offer great package deals to ski clubs, and you also get breaks on the cost of lift tickets and airfare.

When comparing the cost of the membership fee, and the additional money that you would need to pay without the benefit of the membership, you will find that you come out much better by being a member of a ski club.

Ski clubs allow you to ski, without sweating the details. All you have to do is pack for the trip, get on the plane, and ski.

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Your lodging, tickets, and other details for your trip and accommodations will be handled by the ski club.

Joining a ski club will also allow you to make new friends who share your love of skiing. There are all sorts of events that are planned by the club year round so these will not be seasonal friends.

You will also have the opportunity to visit countries and/or ski resorts that you may not have been able to visit without the help of the ski club.

Obviously, you will want to find a ski club that is in your area, or at the very least, near your area. This will allow you to interact with the club, and attend club events on a regular basis.

You can find the available ski clubs near you by visiting the homepage of the ski council for your state.

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Also, take advantage of the online forums. There may be ski clubs that are not near you that you want to join anyway.

These can be found online, and participating in the ski forums will help you find those that will benefit you the most.

Don’t feel like you are limited to joining just one ski club. You can join as many as you like.

Make sure that you are joining an active ski club especially if you will be paying for membership.

Not all ski clubs are active all year long. Seek out those that are, and you will find that you get more benefits from your membership.

While you will make new friends through the club, also consider bringing a buddy into the club with you.

Finally, make sure you are joining the right kind of club. There are ski clubs for water skiers and ski clubs for snow skiers. Make sure that you know what type of ski club it is before joining up!

Also, see if the clubs you are interested in offer special membership pricing for family memberships if you have a family.

You can also seek out ski clubs that are allied with other ski clubs or ski councils so that you get the benefits of the allied clubs as well.





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