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Have Fun Swimming With The Whales!

Whales are amazing creatures, loved dearly by humans. The size is not only the impressive thing it possesses that makes it jaw-dropping.

They are also graceful and come in different species which gives them a unique look. While swimming with a whale may seem fun, it is most times dangerous.

Many factors contribute to this reason, though, and its vast size is one of them.

Regardless of that, it still isn’t impossible to do so. The only thing you need to do is to be acquainted with what whales are safer to swim with and safe places where you can do so.

Well, let me give you a hint! Most of these places are scuba diving destinations. That provides divers with wonderful diving experience. You too can have that swim with a whale while there.

Below is the list of the finest places toswim with whales and have fun

1. Islands of Tonga

Tonga is in Polynesian, consist of several islands that amount up to 170. Though of all these islands, only 36 have people living within.

These islands are friendly and one of the lovely places you can see whales, especially the humpback whales.

The reefs are very clear, so clear that you can see whales from the shores of the island or on a ferry.

So, you may not like to miss the opportunity of taking a lovely photograph of these beautiful creatures. That’s an added advantage, so seize the moment. 

It’s more than fun swimming with whales while you are here. You can enjoy the beaches and the serenity of the environment with an integration of the inhabitant’s culture.

You can snorkel and scuba dive as much as you want, but if you don’t want to feel disappointed, then come in the season of whales.

There is a season when the probability is high that you can see whales, many of them. That is from the 3rd quarter of the year, precisely from July, but diminishes by November.

You’ve got great fun with whales but when you know the right time and when you book early as well.

That is because; people book trips to this beautiful place in advance, which might be, as a result of having a specific season for the trip which usually is around July to September.

2. Gulf of Mexico

Here is the place where it occurs,the Gulf of Mexico, a favorite destination with Whale Sharks during the summer months.

Sure rendezvous with this gigantic fish, measuring up to 18 meters in length and weighing up to 10 tons.

It is usually a solitary animal, rarely spotted as a group. This is what renders this unique site in the turquoise Mexican waters so exclusive.

Consider this an exceptional region where you may get a chance to observe more than one specimen at once. Even Jacques Cousteau only caught a glimpse of two in his whole lifetime!

These temperate untainted waters attract the Whale Shark due to the abundance of plankton.

While in the water with them, you will be able to admire their magnificence and observe at close range some of their peculiarities.

As they gracefully move their checkered grey-white bodies through the waters.

You can see them as they open their largemouth. Whale Sharks mouth is five foot wide and can sift about 1600 gallons of seawater per hour as they open their little teeth which are of a row of 300.

You do not have to worry because whale sharks are not hurtful and are quite playful with divers.

3. Island in Moorea-Maiao

Island in Moorea-Maiao, located in French Polynesia, is one of the best Marine Mammal Sanctuaries you can find.

Apart from the beautiful view the island harboring this sanctuary will provide you, you still get to do what you love doing. Swim with whales!

The view of the underwater is simply breathtaking! And it is a place that you provide you with unforgettable swimming experience.

You won’t only have to swim, and you can also engage in other underwater activities like snorkelling.

Some of the whales found in this sanctuary are safe to swim with.  They include the northern bottlenose whales, sperm whales, and humpback whales.

Not only that, but you will also still see other fascinating large mammals such as dolphins.

If you have interest in viewing any exact kind of whales that this statuary has, then it may be useful to know what season that is suitable for them. That is when you are likely to see them.

Another fantastic thing is that you will have a welcoming water temperature at any time you are there. It is always 70-80°F throughout the year.

Among the stress-free ways to reach there is through the U.S, irrespective of where you are coming from.

One other lovely scenario about this place is that even if you do not want to swim with whales, you can still have a great view of them while on the ferry.

4. SunreefMooloolaba

SunreefMooloolaba in Australia will provide you with a beautiful experience, whether you want to watch or swim with whales.

The fun just doesn’t end there. There are other water body activities you can also engage in. That includes kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving or free diving.

You can as well relax on a ferry boat and have a nice view of the water bodies, see whales jump out from the water and in. It could even be an excellent time to take that perfect whale picture.

In the case, if you want to do any of the above-listed activities but don’t know-how, they have trainers to teach you as well.

Well, the truth is that the humpback whale experience the place provides will be a lifetime one.

5. Silver Bank Sanctuary

Silver Bank Sanctuary, Dominican Republic, provides you with a spectacular opportunity with the whales, swimming alongside the humpback whales. 

Humpback is one of the safest whales you can find, and that’s what you get to see here from early January to March.

That is the period they come up to the sanctuary to mate and also give birth. You have to come during this time to the Dominica Republic to swim with whales, or you miss out.

Know also that there are restrictions by the authorities, prohibiting anyone from going to other water bodies to swim or snorkel.

If it is not silver or Navidad Bank Sanctuary, then it won’t be any other, this is probably for your safety. 

The means of conveyance is by boat, and only three boats are available from the government, strictly approved for such use.

These regulations made the area safe with a limited number of visitors for a week; this is why it is among the less dangerous places to swim with the humpback whales.

Other places you can swim with the whales are;

  • The Blue Whale Safari in Sri Lanka
  • Socorro Islands
  • Whale Sharks in Baja California, Mexico
  • Head to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico
  • Orca Expedition in Norway

Final words

There is no more fabulous fun than swimming with whales while exploring nature as well.

While these places are safe, there are still regulations you have to follow further to ensure your safety and that of other swimmers.

Try not to overlook your cameras and to add more, and we can get a DVD that you can take home for you to enjoy the spectacle with your own eyes thoroughly and not with the cameras!

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