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Entertainment Ideas for Teenagers during the Holiday Season

The holiday season is approaching, but still, you may have no idea what to do with all the free time on your hands!

As a teenager, you probably don’t have access to different means of transportation such as a car, or a bike, and this will make any travelling plans you may have harder.

Anyways, if you do have a bike, it will probably be too cold to use! However, even if you don’t, that won’t still make you have less fun.

There are numerous ideas to keep you entertained this holiday season. If you have run out of options, do not worry, there are enough fun ideas and activities for everyone. 

Seven entertainment ideas for every teenager this holiday season

1. Spend some time with family

Nothing can be extra entertaining andbonding than spending great times like holiday seasons with your loved ones.

Spend the days that your parents are not working doing something with them. Your siblings and other members of the family are inclusive as well. 

It might seem tedious, but I can assure you’ll miss them once you move out, and what you might take for granted now will become precious to you later, so don’t let the chance slip!

Why not try doing something different with your parents, not the usual film watching or game playing?

  • You can even try hunting the Christmas tree together, trim it and have fun decorating it with lights and ornaments.
  • Design Christmas cards together with them and send them to loved ones, families and friends.
  • You can help your grandma make lovely ugly Christmas sweaters or help your little ones to make a gingerbread house.
  • Make homemade gifts for your friends and other members of the family
  • You can so try to make a nice music video for Christmas.
  • Make something with your hands, either by drawing, creating or even writing short stories, if you enjoy writing.

Let your imagination run free, take a break and thoroughly enjoy what your environment offers.   

After all, even parents enjoy these more active forms of entertainment; you’ll find you can enjoy these activities even with the older generation.

2. Step up the season with games 

During the holiday season, there are many indoor and outdoor games available for teens.

Families get entertained with fun activities, especially during this season when there are fun and love in the air.

Not only do games and other fun activities make the day lively, but it also creates a beautiful memory for everyone involved.

Do not be a boring teen, make granny shake off that fragile bones, make your parents lost in laughter, and fill the atmosphere with amusement.

Introduce games like;

  • Christmas selfie scavenger hunt
  • The guessing game
  • Santa’s hat
  • Name the holiday time
  • Santa’s beard relay race
  • Win-It-in-a-minute Christmas games
  • Indoor snowball fight
  • Christmas movie trivia
  • Carol Pictionary

You can check out the games online in case you don’t know how to play them.

3. Have fun cooking

Cooking together is also lots of fun; you might be able to pick some useful tips for when you have to do the cooking for yourself.

The holiday season is a time when there are lots of things to cook. Grandma will like to showcase her new and best recipes.

Your parents may have some families and friends coming over, so there will be varieties of delicacy you won’t like to miss out.

  • Think about cooking some fun treats with your parents. You can make your chocolate; make some Christmas biscuits or other tasty treats.
  • Make fudge or even lovely Christmas cookies. 

In as much as you are there to help, you also learn and have a great time around.

4. Read by the fireside

We all know that it usually snows during the holiday season, and sometimes the weather may not be suitable for many fun activities outside.

So do not forget that there 1001 ways you can make your holiday season entertaining. Reading exciting books is one of them.

You can, of course, relax at home by the fireside and enjoy a good book you never have time for at school.

Instead of idling away your time waiting for the next activity, try and get an excellent book and keep yourself busy.

In case you need a suitable book to fix your mind and eyes on, you can get related books for the season, such as;

  • A Christmas carol
  • The Christmas box
  • The Christmas train
  • My true love gave to me: Twelve-holiday stories
  • The night before Christmas
  • Holidays on ice
  • How the Grinch stole Christmas
  • Let it snow: Three-holiday romances
  • The best Christmas pageant ever

These fabulous Christmas novels will keep you entertained all through.

5. Explore places outside your home

To have a fun holiday as a teen, staying at home with families and loves ones, doesn’t balance the fun that comes in holiday seasons.

To get the better of the two, you spend some time with your family and then also go out and explore some other entertaining pastimes.

You have a lot of choices. If you’re looking for other fun things;

  • Try to get outside and do all of those fun winter activities like skiing, skating, snowboarding and sledging with friends.

If you’re far from mountains or snow, get out anyway and enjoy the free time you have.

  • There are plenty of Christmas concerts and plays you can go to with your family or friends.
  • Go for Christmas shopping with your mum, making a list all by yourself makes it more fun. It could be a list of gifts, groceries or any things.

Having fun outside the home, all make it more enjoyable and worthwhile.

6. Christmas party ideas

Parties are also plentiful during the holiday seasons. Almost everyone loves parties, including teenagers, of course.

There are lots of Christmas party ideas for teens, and I am sure they won’t want to miss out. As guardians or parents, you may permit your teenagers to either host their party or attend that of others.

It is one of the ways they can enjoy the holiday season. Some of the party ideas include;

  • A Christmas karaoke party
  • Christmas stock exchange party
  • An ordinary Christmas party can do too

The party itself may not be as much fun as allowing them to plan it. Allow them to plan their party but direct them where necessary.

7. Donate money or offer free services

Christmas is a time of giving. All the fun would not be complete without making others happy andsignificantly impacting the lives of people you do not know.

To make it more fun and entertaining, go with friends if you are not going with your family. As a teenager, you may not be financially capable, but know that your presence there means a lot to them.

  • Visit a nursing home, and make them feel loved.
  • Donating money for a good reason isn’t a bad idea if you have.
  • Make some grannies happy by adopting them as your Christmas grandparents if you have none.
  • You may engage in volunteer services for a few days, as a way of paying back to the community with love.

Helping others and making them happy in seasons like this will spike inner happiness and peace within you.


As a teen, there are many reasons you have to enjoy your holiday season. This article gives you such ideas to be creative, fun and happy.

Try and fully appreciate the festive mood. It is essential to take a good break from school or work and prepare for the New Year.

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