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10 Tips To Avoid The Holiday Bulge -And Inner Thoughts About Them

Do you find it almost impossible to stay conscious and contentious about weight and nutrition during the holidays?

Of course, you do. More than half of all Americans are overweight. All American’s are in this together.

You can take heart from a new government study which shows most Americans gain about a pound over the holiday. You’re not alone.

The study shows that during the holiday period, for the people in the study, two main things influenced the holiday weight gain: level of hunger and level of activity. Those who reported being less active or more hungry had the greatest weight gain.

If you can stay focused on dealing with just those two things, you’ll probably win.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of weight gain,” according to Dr. Samuel Klein. He is Director of the Center for Human Nutrition as Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

“Preventing the increase in weight is a lot easier and better than actually gaining weight and then trying to get it off again.”

The answer is simple. Eat less and exercise more.

The good news is that most people overestimate how much they had gained. Fewer than 10% gain 5 pounds or over.

The bad news is that although the one pound gained seems like a small amount, that weight WAS NOT LOST during the rest of the year and those single pounds accumulate over the years and add up to obesity.

Here are some helpful hints and tips put together by skinny people to help you avoid the tiny little weight-watching issues you face during this joyous season along with the thoughts going through weight watcher Wanda’s head as she listened to the skinny people happily chirping out their advice.

NOTE: Wanda isn’t her real name.

1).”You SHOULD stay active, darling. The best thing for you to do is to stick to your regular schedule and routine.” Routine? Wanda’s family doesn’t have any stinking routine in November and December.

Wanda doesn’t have any stinking time for her regular yoga classes, workouts at the gym, long dog walks, you ninny, because in addition to shopping, home decorating, and cooking.

Wanda has to take every one of the kids to EXTRA practices and activity for pageants, concerts, and freaking fundraisers! Wanda’s too ACTIVE to stay active, darling.

2). “Don’t let yourself get hungry. Don’t arrive at the party starving. Be sure you eat your normal, healthy meals, especially breakfast.

A protein-rich breakfast “resets” the body and starts it off not hungry. Don’t starve yourself, thinking you can “save up” calories. Fill up before the big holiday feasts with healthy vegetable snacks.” Normal?

There ain’t no stinking “normal” in November and December, and Wanda’s not sure she ever has normal, healthy meals. She’s got a life to run.

Wanda doesn’t know where YOU’RE having Thanksgiving, but Wanda’s family’s appetizer table has God’s own Cheese Puffs and Ruffles with sour cream/onion dip, Brie on sourdough, and 80 plates of cookies and bowls of peanut M&Ms on every available surface! There is nary a vegetable snack in sight.

3) “How can you keep the pounds off at calorie-rich parties? Stay away from the food! Literally … stay on the other side of the room from the buffet table or appetizer tray.

Wanda liked this one. She’ll just go plant herself in the bathroom and lock the door. Maybe she can find a place under the pile of coats in the back bedroom. A nap sounds nice.

4). “Wear clothes which are slightly tight and your favorites. You’ll think twice about the third helping if you can’t let your belt out a notch.

Always remember there are about 8 pounds between dress sizes.” What skinny sadist came up with this bright idea? Wanda bets she’s a size 2 and hides an eating disorder!

5). “Portion size is the real secret. Keep salad portions large and all other portions extra small. When it comes to sweets, think quality, not availability. Just because the candy corn is there doesn’t mean you have to eat it.

Don’t be afraid to cut off “just a bite” of a high-calorie treat. Put the rest back on the serving tray.

If you’re the hostess, pre-cut high-calorie items into tiny portions to help your friends. Just a bite may be plenty to satisfy you.

Just a bite! Just a bit? Wanda’s stressed to the max and darn it, Wanda DESERVES a candy treat … and a WHOLE one. Heck, Wanda’s double stressed, so she deserves …

6). “You don’t need to be stressed. Take Time for You. Get a massage or a nice facial. Sit down and slip your shoes off.”

Don’t you know Wanda’s facing a month and a half on shopping overdrive and the only place to sit down is at the mall’s fast-food court?

McDonald’s doesn’t have a massage spa. If Wanda slips her shoes off, she’ll NEVER get them back on again, you fool.

7). “Keep up your food diary … every day of the holiday … it will help you pinpoint your special weaknesses.

Just one 150 calorie chocolate chip cookie each day will add up to an extra pound in only 3 weeks.” Wanda can’t even find her food diary in chaos house.

And, she really needed the information on the cookies. Thank you very much. Wanda just ate three, and she doesn’t need any food diary to pinpoint this little weakness.

8). “Only eat things you really want and care about. So what if your neighbor brought okra au gratin everyone’s raving about?

Use that space on your plate for a homemade roll, hot from the oven. Put real butter on it. Life is a choice.

Treat yourself to what you want and LEAVE THE REST IN THE SERVING DISH.”Good advice. How thankful do you think Wanda’s be after a feast of Brussels sprouts and tofu salad while she’s passing the yams, potatoes, and gravy to Aunt Lucille?

Wanda bets Lucille’s glad she got granddad’s wiry build instead of those wonderful wide childbearing hips from grandma’s “peasant” stock!

9). Drink water instead of alcohol which has empty calories and lowers will power. Avoid sugary sodas that throw your metabolism into pendulum swings. You didn’t mention eggnog. Eggnog is OK, then, right?

10). “Don’t eat while you cook. Those little “tastes” can turn into 1000 calories before you’ve blinked.” Wanda just spent 304 hours in the kitchen, cooking.

She HAS to taste everything before she serves it, or they’ll hate it and won’t love her anymore. And besides, cookie dough doesn’t have any calories, does it?

Well, that’s all 10 pieces of holiday advice. Here’s just one parting thought from Wanda.

Santa’s fat and everybody loves him! The baby Jesus is fat, too. The turkey is so fat it can hardly stand up! Nobody buys a skinny Christmas tree, do they? Get a grip. Get a life. Have a HAPPY holiday.}

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