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Choose A Different Type Of Holiday, Entertain Yourself In A Treehouse!

Are you all set on climbing a treetop and attempt an exclusive and refreshing entertainment?

Don’t forget how much you loved playing in the treehouse when you were a child, your secluded shelter from grownups, tall overhead branches of a tree, concealed between dense leaves?

Nevertheless, you still can experience your childhood games once more, with an added touch of luxury.

You can do so by passing peaceful nights in atreehouse room, as opposed to the standard rooms of a hotel as you can have a view of gorgeous and lush greenery.

Here are some of the best treehouses for your perfect holiday!

1. Post Ranch Inn

Post Ranch Inn, California, is one of the great places for an enjoyable and relaxing holiday. Experience in this treehouse is just breathtaking mere looking at its location on a beautiful landmark.

If you want a treehouse that sits on a hill, with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, then this is one of the treehouses that promises such.

It is one of the treehouses you would love to go to every holiday, and there is a pool too, to cool yourself off.

2. The Urban Treehouse

The Urban Treehouse, Germany, is in Berlin and is one of the nicest treehouses you could ever wish to be in.

It comes in detailed modern design, a well-designed kitchen and beautifully furnished for anyone who wants to stay. 

The treehouse is nothing but exquisite, supported by wood (tree) and it has a beautiful garden around.

Anytime you choose to spice up your holiday and find yourself in Berlin, Germany, do not miss the opportunity of staying in this treehouse.

3. Lion Sands Game Reserve Treehouses

Lion Sands Game Reserve Treehouses, South Africa is merely gorgeous. Surrounding it are lush vegetation and trees.

The game reserve consists of 5 treehouses in different locations, and which has its unique touch and appeals to people differently.

They are mostly open-air treehouses, all perfect for a romantic dinner and spending alone time with your loved one.

If the best natural surrounding is what you want to have a feel of, hear the whistles and growls of animals, and then do not afford to miss this place.

4. Chateaux Dans Les Arbres

Chateaux Dans Les Arbres, France is a luxury treehouse indeed. And one of the great places anyone can feel and admirer nature surrounding the house.

The treehouse feels like a majestic castle as seen in fairytales, which sprouted out in the middle of nowhere.

Entertain yourself in this beautiful place when next you are planning for a holiday, and you will never forget the memories.

5. The Secret Treehouse

The Secret Treehouse, also known as Wollemi Wilderness Cabins, is located in Australia in the Blue Mountains National Park.

The treehouse is simply jaw-dropping, one of the best treehouses to quench your childhood thirst. It provides one with a different experience at each visit.

If you are a lover of birds, and forest tree-tops, then this is for you. The treehouse provides a spectacular view of the Blue Mountains rainforest and Bowen’s Creek Gorge.

Not only will it allow you to immerse yourself in nature but leaves you with lovely memories you can forget in a while.

6. Eagles View Suite

Eagles View Suite, Finland is a modern-day luxury treehouse that provides a stunning view of nature. The location has no comparison with another since it is at the top of a mountain.

The glass window made it more possible to gaze at the beautiful view from inside while relaxing. It has lovely surroundings for outdoor activities too, such as hiking and mountain biking.

If you want a place that will spice-up your moments, and make your holiday lovelier, then this is the right place for you.

7. River Of Life Farm

Among the spectacular treehouses in the U.S. is the ‘River of life farm’, andis in southern Missouri – just an excellent place the kind of holiday vacation you deserve.

Having your holiday in this treehouse can awaken your child-like adventurous being. It provides you with a feel of nature which you may not have experienced for long.

There is also a view of an impressive beautiful river to enjoy kayaking, canoeing and even fly fishing.

8. Treehouse Point

You can find the Treehouse point in Washington, in a beautiful forest with Raging River as one of its landmarks.

If you want an abode enclosed by mother natureand serenity that will carry you away into the dreamlands, then don’t miss this treehouse.

It adds life to your adventure and gives you peace that you may not get anywhere else.

9. Agriturismo La Piantata

Agriturismo La Piantata, Italy is one of the treehouses you can try a visit while in this country.

It is unique if you consider its location in a forest, like most treehouses, but held top high with a couple of ancient trees acting as a shade.

For those that like to have an excellent view lavender field and the olive groove while sitting at the veranda, this stunning treehouse is a superb spot for you.

10.  Bird’s Nest Pool Villas

Bird’s Nest Pool Villas Keemala, Thailand, is an excellent place if you are looking for a treehouse with a twist of modern architecture.

The lush environment with a pool that provides a beautiful view of the village is nothing but splendid.

It is an excellent place for travellers, adventurers, holiday vacation and lovers of nature and its tranquillity.

11.  Double Decker Treehouse

Double Decker Treehouse is located in Montana, United States, and is the gateway to Glacier National Park.

It is a lovely cabin in the woods, perfect for winter activities and other outdoor adventures like a campfire. While you are there, do not afford to miss the Glacier and skied Whitefish.

The memories that this treehouse provides will surely last you for a lifetime.

It doesn’t matter if you are a lover of wildlife, environmental conscious traveller or twosomes seeking unrefined remoteness, these suites located in the shades of a tree are the perfect sanctuaries.

These treehouses are not just sober shelters with the most refined luxury of your wish; they are also of the best structure to preserve nature and wildlife habitats.

At night, when you look through the window, you can see outside the cosytreehouse different categories of exciting wildlife.

If you are fortunate, you can also get to see some rare night creatures’ which ordinarily you cannot see even when you go on a tour at night.

Simply put, you are now harmoniously cohabiting with wildlife even as you enjoy the luxury and coziness of a five-star hotel.

Bottom line

There are just a few of these cozy treehouse accommodations across the globe, expecting your exploration because their attractive air will entice you much.

It is usually in rainforests still in its original form that you can find these kinds of luxury accommodation. You can also find them in forest openings across sea borders.

The aforementioned extravagant treehouses offer views of the verdant tropical forest and the turquoise sea.

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