How To Develop A Big Booming Business With Branding

How To Develop A Big Booming Business With Branding
How To Develop A Big Booming Business With Branding

It is said “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” But people do. It is the packaging that sells it.

The title and design of the cover will make all the difference in its appeal. You can do the same to develop a big booming business with something called BRANDING.

Branding is the immediately recognizable “ah-ha there it is!” That is what you want in your product and especially your business.

People may see it as in a picture, or hear it in a phrase that identifies the product or service as the one that focuses on them and their desires.

Upon entering the brain through the eyes, ears, or both, good feelings are triggered and drug-like chemical reactions in the body flood all nerve receptors with desire for the product.

Branding is a form of mesmerism by easy memorization to your prospects, who then become customers because when they go to buy the product they think of you.

You get famous through branding. The brand is you, how you get known, how you get success, and how you will get to charge more for what you have or do.

The jingle they cannot get out of their heads screams at them to buy and try your product.

It is a response, not a choice, because people know what they know, and through branding what they know is your product.

Branding makes your product sexy, seductive, irresistible, and “must have.”

Things such as USP (Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Point or Unique Selling Position or Unique Selling Presentation) also called UCA (Unique Competitive Advantage) distinguish you from your competitors. It’s all about BRANDING!

The brand, the symbol of your uniqueness, gives you the advantage by sticking in people’s minds. Branding pushes you ahead of the pack. You want to hook and reel them in.

Coming up with tactics for branding is your chance to be creative. Come up with an overwhelming benefit of your business above what other businesses have and make it catchy. Make it sing an opera, dance the twist, and sparkle like fireworks. This is what drives your marketing into the minds and hearts of your market.

Be bold, be different, one-of-a-kind, outstanding, magnetic! Use branding to be what only you can be and people will buy when you fill their need.

Here are some things people need:

They need things FAST.
They need things that make them FEEL GOOD.
They need things that ELIMINATE PROBLEMS.
They need things that ACCOMPLISH GOALS for them.
They need things that FILL VOIDS in their life.
They need SECURITY.
They need to BE IMPORTANT.
They need LOVE.
They need BARGAINS.
They need HOPE.
They need RELIEF.
They need a FRIEND and ALLY.
They need to SURVIVE and THRIVE.

Satisfy any of these cravings once for your customer and you can add one product after another to your business and the customer will buy.

It will be because YOU are the brand the customer has gotten to know with fondness and learned to trust.

Get personal with customers and keep in contact. When Dave Thomas started doing commercials for his Wendy’s Restaurants, the business revived from its slowdown because people could see what a likable guy he was.

Take what you do and present it to the public over and over in advertising and promotion and prove it in performance to your buyer.

Let’s say your business fills the need in people to have what they want fast. Here are a couple successful slogans that went far to brand these companies.

For Domino’s Pizza – “30 minutes or it’s free.” For Federal Express – “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

Such branding made an impact, made a reputation, and made sales. If you want to establish yourself in business, you can have no better strategy than branding.

It is how cotton swabs become Q-tips, how tissue became Kleenex, how a copy became a Xerox.

Branding is what makes franchises so successful. You pay a lot of money for a franchise because if you work at it, it is sure to work, because it is already branded. McDonalds Restaurants are found worldwide as well as next door.

Brand yourself, your business, with the right ideas to motivate and excite, and whenever people think of your product or service, they will think ONLY OF YOU!