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Brain Waves And Meditation

You have probably heard of brain waves and how we can use brain wave technology to increase our well-being and happiness.

In this article we will explore the different brain wave levels and how to take ourselves to those levels to achieve the corresponding states of relaxation, creativity and deep transcendental meditation.

Alpha brain waves

When brain wave activity is focused primarily within the 8-13 Hz. (cycles per second) range, one experiences what is termed an “alpha” state of awareness.

Alpha brain-waves are produced in most people when they concentrate or focus the mind, or relax by sitting or reclining with their eyes closed.

Alpha brain-waves are very often produced in bursts (trains of waves) or pulses (single waves), but some people, and especially Synchronicity Contemporary meditators, tend to produce continuous trains of alpha waves.

When your brain is producing alpha frequencies, you experience a pleasant, comfortable, mildly relaxed yet wakeful state of awareness. This experience represents a relatively stress-free and euphoric state of being.

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The general understanding is that the more that alpha is produced in ordinary states of awareness, the easier it is to access deeper meditative states.

Practically speaking, individuals such as artists or photographers, who more often than usual, use the visual and spatial abilities characteristic of the right-brain, seem to produce alpha more easily than linear, left-brain thinkers.

In the same way, experienced Synchronicity Contemporary meditators, who have repetitively patterned and become familiar with alpha brain-wave production, can more easily produce alpha frequencies.

In fact, by looking at an individual’s alpha brain-wave production, it is possible to determine not only whether the person is a meditator, but also the length of time the individual has been practicing meditation.

Beginning meditators tend to produce alpha in the 10 to12 Hz. range. As meditative experience deepens, so does the dominant frequency at which alpha is produced.

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Therefore, we find that meditators with ten plus years of experience consistently produce low frequency alpha in the region of 7 to 9 Hz.

Theta brain waves

Theta brain-waves are produced in the frequency range from 3.5-7 Hz., which are more decelerated brain waves than alpha. Like alpha, theta is characterized by a blissful sense of well-being.

However, in theta, the experience of holistic awareness increases. Theta represents the synchronized state of awareness in which creativity and imagery predominate.

Experienced meditators are accustomed to a wide variety of “inner” images and visions, and these images do indeed seem to correlate with increased theta activity.

Delta brain waves

Delta brain waves are traditionally associated with deep sleep and are the slowest of the brain waves, occurring from 0-3.5 Hertz.

Usually, only the most advanced meditators can remain wakeful while producing delta brain waves. The experiences typical of subtle dimensional actualization occur in the deepest levels of the delta brain-wave frequencies.

How do you get to those levels?

Simple, just use meditation CDs which use brain  hemisphere balancing technology such as Synchronicity meditation CDs or other you can find on the market. And use them every day for 30 minutes.

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