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Celebrity Low Carb Diet Addicts

Low carbohydrate diets have really taken off over recent years, and the first to show off the effects of these diets are frequently A-list celebrities.

We all watch these celebrities being snapped in newspapers and magazines with their svelte new figures, and this encourages the public to switch to the same sort of diet.

Low carb eating plans such as the Atkins Diet have been catapulted to worldwide exposure through the recommendations of gorgeous, slim stars that swear by these methods.

Friends’ star, Jennifer Aniston, was a huge follower of low carb dieting, and her super-slim figure encouraged millions of normal people to quickly jump on the low carb bandwagon in the hope of shedding the pounds.

Coupling her eating habits with yoga and exercise has helped Jennifer to develop an enviable and world-famous slim figure, making her an icon for millions of women around the world.

The UK’s Catherine Zeta Jones was the envy of millions when she quickly shed the pounds after giving birth to her first child with star husband Michael Douglas.

It was soon impossible to tell that Catherine had even given birth, as her figure sprang back to its svelte and firm former state.

Jones used a low carb eating plan in order to help her shed the excess weight after giving birth, and this diet along with exercise made it possible for her to be back on screen in record time looking better than ever.

Former UK Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, was once a curvy and busty redhead. However, with the help of a low carb diet and plenty of yoga, Geri lost a great deal of weight and has spent the last few years sporting a super-slim figure to complement her new, chic look.

Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow is also known to be a low carb diet fan, and enjoys supplementing her yoga with a range of low carb foods to keep her waif like figure in shape.

Many stars, both male and female, use low carb diets to shape up for movies, as this enables them to lose excess pounds quite quickly.

Movie superstars such as Ben Affleck, have switched to low carb eating plans to get in shape for upcoming movies. Ben was known to favor low carb foods whilst shaping up for his role in Pearl Harbor.

And it’s not just Hollywood actors that use low carb diets to get in shape. Many musicians and pop stars also enjoy low carb diets in order to get them in shape for concerts and tours.

This helps them to maintain energy levels as well as slim down and stay trim, an important factor for all stars, who are very conscious of their appearance.

Low carb diets have always proven popular with high profile stars, and most low carb eating plans have these celebrities to thank for their popularity and exposure.

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