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What Lies Behind our Addiction to Fattening Foods?

Despite the fact that men or women having fat issues tend to be conscious that actually too substantial food rich in sugar will raise their body cholesterol.

Such can result in unbelievably detrimental effects to the coronary arteries; the irresistible impulse towards eating is actually greater than the problem for their wellness.

Knowing too well their desire to eat more food is indirectly related to a feeling of depression and the particular desire to experience a pleasing mood once more.

It has already been confirmed that bread, sweets and brownies amongst other meals types will certainly rapidly raise the level of serotonin.

Serotonin is a substance or antidepressant neurotransmitter that diffuses a feeling of contentment to the brain itself.

This is why; stressed out or nervous people will turn to this particular kind of food rather of a much healthier kind.

Exactly what then is the idiosyncrasy behind fattening food addiction?

Really quirk it is, once these folks have actually pleased their particular need concerning pastry or different ingredients rich in sugar and obtain a level of contentment.

Due to the production of serotonin in the brain, people do not comprehend precisely why they need this food badly in the very beginning.

Some of the production of serotonin by a particular secretory organ in the brain is a lot more active throughout the darker hours of the day.

This really is why the first thing in the morning we do not feel a special urge to eat chocolate or some other comparable sugary food.

On, as the afternoon draws near and the serotonin level declines, therefore, genuinely does our mood, leaving us in a state of anxiousness and depression symptoms.

Now, this is why whenever you wake up in the morning, you are kind of convinced you will not give in to the influence eating fat-rich foods.

It’s a mistake, for by the afternoon your level of serotonin will be low again and the need to compensate high.

What are the most common symptoms of fattening food addiction?

At present, there is a wide range of common symptoms of fattening food addiction. These symptoms are usually perceived as they are no medical diagnosis to indicate an addiction. You have to figure it out yourself.

These symptoms include;

  1. You are hiding at all times your fattening food consumption from others. Whenever you realize that you are hiding what you eat from other people, then there is a problem.

Typically, it’s an obvious sign that you have a great addiction to that food item. You hide it from other persons around you because you do not want them to advice or ridicule.

  • Feeling out of control, consuming a particular food is another symptom of addiction. Therefore, whenever you see the fattening food that you crave for, you quickly grasp it.

As you do so, you have the consciousness that the food item can make you fat, but yet you consume it.

  • Having an incessant craving for a particular food even when you just consumed a meal and feel full.

Whenever you have this feeling about a particular meal, then, you should know you addiction for that meal.

  • Eating the meal you have a craving for until your stomach almost begins to ache is another sign of addiction to fattening food. 
  • Having the feeling of guilt after consuming a meal is another sign that you have a high addiction to the dinner. 
  • Trying to quit the consumption of a meal but failing at each trial is a way of indicating your addiction to the feed. 

The list of symptoms above and more should tell you that you have an addiction for a particular food item.

What are the effects of eating fattening food?

Fattening food, just like any other fattening food, has many adverse effects on the body. Be wary because the consequences can be critical that it can lead to premature death.

 Below are a few of such results;

  1. Increase in disease

It is generally known that most fattening foods contain many harmful substances which can, in many ways, increase the diseases we have in our body.

These diseases can include high blood pressure, heart attack, increased cholesterol, diabetes and lots more. The conditions listed here and more can lead to death if not controlled.

It is good, however, to know the food that causes such diseases. Such foods that contains high saturated fats and cholesterol are the problem. They include cream, cookies, fast food, poultry fat, lamb, whole milk and their likes.

Consuming a high amount of these foods are the significant causes of disease, which is an insufficient effect of consuming fattening food.

  • Stomach pain and diarrhea

When food does not digest properly or sits idly in your stomach, it can lead to a lot of damages. Most of these damages may result in stomach pain and diarrhea.

These effects can be excruciating and damaging but they only result from the consumption of greasy foods.

  • Weight gain

The most feared consequence of eating greasy or fattening foods is that they can make one gain weight.

As you already know, fat is challenging to digest. So, in most cases, it stores up in the body, accumulate and leads to weight gain.

  • Bloating and gas

It is a normal thing to pass gas or even belch after digestion of food takes place. However, the excess of thing is a problem.

Now, here is the analysis; you pass excess gas and bloat usually when you consume fatty foods.

Such cases can be both discomforting and humiliating, especially when you are in public because usually, you might not have control over it.

What is the way out?

It important to consume meals like bread, rice, pasta, in reasonable amounts during the course of the daytime to maintain the serotonin level high and eliminate wrong eating practices.

It also reliable that the greater you avoid eating these types of meals types for worry about putting on body weight, the lower the serotonin level will get.

Hence, the depressive disposition will certainly progressively deteriorate. This will likely finally lead to the desire of chocolate or other food high in sugar perhaps when you are perhaps not anywhere close to it.

So it is imperative whenever on a diet to equally balance the intake of food that helps to keep the level of serotonin high.

Also, you can follow these steps to help overcome your addiction to fattening foods;

Step 1 – make a list of those fattening foods you have an addiction for. Making the list of all of them will bring to your consciousness your awareness about them.

Since you are planning on overcoming it, knowing the problem by listing it out is one step close to your success.

Step 2 – write out the names of possible fast food joints where you can purchase healthy foods in case you fall hungry. You also have to make a list of those healthy foods to consume on getting there possibly.

Step 3 – make a list of the healthy foods you enjoy most. Think profoundly and honestly write down all of them.

Step 4 – bear in mind the benefits of consuming such diet and make copies of your list so you can place them on all the places and points you visit always. You can carry a copy along with you every day.


Even as you are aware of the negative aspects of our addiction to fattening foods, we should not kill ourselves trying to stop them.

Always remember that addictions and habits are difficult to stop, but with consistency and determination, you will surely overcome it.

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