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Real Facts on Cholesterol. Misconception About Egg and Cholesterol

There seems to be a generalized confusion on problems related to high cholesterol in our blood.

Notably, it’s relating to eggs being the primary cause of our high level of cholesterol.

In fact, experts have discovered that food, which has a high content of cholesterol, has no direct consequence on the cholesterol in our blood.

Health specialist reveals that the harmful cholesterol is the type developed in our lives due to a eating habits high in saturated fats.

It causes the blockage of our arterial blood vessels, which can easily lead to cardiovascular system complications.

Eggs and cholesterol; are eggs good?

Eggs help increase the level of HDL cholesterol, also known as the healthy cholesterol, which in turn strengthens our heart condition.

HDL cholesterol is, in fact, useful for the protection of the artery walls.It forms a protective film along the sides to prevent deterioration.

Though, too much coating along the artery walls can form a blockage which leads to heart disease.

Therefore, the misconception that eggs and other foods such as prawns and liver with high cholesterol content does increase the cholesterol in our blood stream has been thrown out considerably.

This is actually for it has no effect whatsoever with the amount of endangering cholesterol existent in our blood.

Even though since 2005 eggs and other food types mentioned above have been cleared from this mistaken perception,  but yet it still carries on.

Experts deem it necessary to correct this trend, and Sun Health has put out a statement to set consumers on the right path, for they still seem reticent to consume eggs and other cholesterol-related products.

Sun Health wants to encourage the consumption of eggs by proving how beneficial eggs can be. There’s necessity to educate the public so as to overcome these preconceptions.

Benefits of eating egg

  1. To the heart

Sun Health confirms the research stating that egg consumption may in fact be beneficial to the hearts overall health.

The heart and eggs have a very neutral relationship. It is so because studies on eggs reveals no effect on the heart.

They do not decrease or increase heart diseases. They are, on their own, very healthy food, which you can eat as snacks or use in different food recipes.

  • For weight loss

It is also certainly a right remedy for slimming down as well as bringing down the cholesterol level in the blood.

Eggs are rich in Vitamin D, which enhances our immune system, as well as the bones and hearts all-around health. 

People who were on weight loss programs, which integrated two eggs per day, were noted to have lower cholesterol levels.

They had lost more weight than those with diets excluding eggs altogether. Reason being that eggs contain omega-3 fatty acid, which is healthy that can help maintain a healthy fat.

What’s more, eating eggs keeps one full, and this feeling of fullness will make you eat less. And, it invariably means that as you eat less, you lose the desired weight.

  • Immune system health

People who consume eggs exhibit the right form of their immune health, research reveals.

Eggs contain selenium, vitamins A and B12. These nutrients are one of the best elements to help keep the immune system on the right track.

  • For the skin health

If you care for your skin, then it is high time you start consuming eggs. The vitamins and minerals in eggs make them the right nutrient for the skin.

What do they do to the skin? They assist the skin a great deal by ensuring that the body tissues do not break down.

What else do they do? They ensure your immune system do not ever break down. Therefore, you should not allow any day to pass by without consuming eggs.

  • To the eyes

Nutrients from egg yolks helps to reduce age macular degeneration and cataracts because of rich antioxidant contents. Also, it helps to improve skin condition and our overall wellbeing.

Zeaxanthin and lutein, which are the anti-oxidants in egg, help protect the eyes against disease making egg a right choice for eye care.

Also, eggs contain vitamin A. It is important to mention here that lack of vitamin A is the major cause of blindness, which still boils down to the importance of eating an egg.

Yes, there is a misconception that eggs are only good for the younger ones. Please, older persons need egg also because as they age, their eyesight tend to degenerate.

  • For blood sugar

Eggs also contain leucine, which stabilizes levels of sugar in the blood, thus may be a valuable help against diabetes.

  • For bone health

Eggs also contain a high source of vitamin D, which helps boost, our immune system and strengthen our bones and heart.

The animal protein in egg enables them to improve the muscle mass, thereby improving the health of the bone.

  • Reduces the possibility of stroke

Eggs are known to be good for the health of the heart, and this makes them helpful also for the brains health.

Because eggs have HDL, this makes them suitable to be consumed by persons desiring to reduce their risk of having a stroke.

Note that people who suffer from diabetes are an exception to eating an egg. For this reason, they should avoid it or rather consult a physician before eating egg.

  • For energy

The iron content in egg makes it a good source of energy. Due to its richness in iron, eating just an egg per day improves oxygenation of the red blood cell, hence, increasing the energy level.

The nutrients known to be a significant content in the egg will help the body produce the required amount of energy.

  1. For pregnant women

Pregnant women, in addition to needing egg for their health, also require it for their unborn child.

Eggs help develop the baby by building their bone and muscle tissues. The fetal brain with is in a good stain because of the choline content of the egg.

Therefore, pregnant should not hesitate to eat eggs daily because it improves them as well as their baby.

  1. For the brain health

Studies show that the yolk in egg is beneficial to brain health, notably our memory, due to choline which assists the neurotransmissions to our brain.

The minerals and vitamins in egg make them a healthy choice for the brain. Thus, eggs make the nervous system in addition to the brain to function in the right pattern.

Do not forget the fact the brain is the most essential part of the body. Therefore, there’s need to take adequate care of it. Hence, the need to consume eggs for proper brain functioning.

Bottom line

The real fact the food rich in cholesterol are not the apparent cause of the increase in blood cholesterol should go viral.

So, many persons have, over the years, avoided eggs because of this very idea that egg has high cholesterol content.

That notwithstanding, the above-mentioned benefits of eggs will prove the idea wrong. What is important is avoiding consuming more than three eggs per day.

Also, if you have diabetes, you should be on the lookout as to the number of eggs you consume.

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