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Child Beating- A Definite No No

Father Hitting Young Daughter

Do you believe like many other parents that beating, slapping or hitting is the right way to prevent undesirable behavior or to punish unwanted behavior among children.

Not only you, many schoolteachers also tend to punish the children by using the method of beating if a child fails to learn a lesson or does any other mistake.

But child beating is not an effective method of parenting. Though you might think this to be right, this is actually ABUSE.

No one should ever beat a child. It is an unpardonable offence to hit a child just for the sake of teaching him or her something, or for punishing him/her for a mistake. 

Absolutely, no one has any right to beat a child. Sometimes parents go by the saying spare the rod and spoil the child.

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They believe that since they got beaten up by their parents as kids so it is right to do the same to their children.

But before beating up a child the parents and teachers alike should remember some things.

Don’t we, as adults, commit mistakes? Actually we not only commit mistakes we sometimes commit heinous crimes and yet go unpunished!

Before hitting the child next time, you should remember this. No one comes to this world by learning everything. We learn as long as we live, from our day-to-day experiences.

So, why is it regarded as a crime if a child cannot solve a sum at one go or make some mistakes as a part of mischief-making.

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According to some child psychologists, when a child is regularly beaten or physically punished then he/she might grow up thinking that violence is the right way to solve any problem.

Have you considered that this might give rise to many criminals in our society? Some children soon get used to the physical punishment and you cannot let him/her do anything even by beating because by now it means nothing to them.

Sometimes, you, parents, may cause serious physical and emotional damage to their children while using corporal punishment.

Just think when you are going to beat your child for some kind of mistake, how would you have felt if someone had done the same to you? Why? You don’t realize that your child has a mind too!

If you want to make your child disciplined, that can be taught in many ways, and do not require physical punishment.

These are:

1) Always set the right example for your child. For them you are the idol and they always tend to copy your word and actions.

So, if you set rules for them, follow that yourself. Use that language, which you want them to use, and behave in the way you want them to behave.

2) Always involve your child in deciding what rules to be followed and what are the measures to be taken if the rules are broken. In that way they feel responsible in following the rules.

3) Discuss with the child if he has done something wrong, and try to know why he has done it and try to talk to him so that he never repeats it.

4) If you want to punish him for any misbehavior then take away his favorite toy or snack from him or don’t let him play with his friends for some time.

5) Always appreciate your child’s good behavior and let him/her know how proud he/she has made you.

6) Always spend time with them and shower them with love. And always talk to them as friends and try to find out their problems.

7) If you feel that you cannot provide discipline to your child without beating them then please go for professional help.

There are many counselors, teachers and social workers who can help you work with your child.

So, next time if your child does any mistake don’t resort to beating. Remember none of us is perfect.

Not only your child, everyone needs to be corrected. What if every one of us is beaten for our mistakes? It won’t be good or right, so don’t do that to your child also.

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