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Commitment in Marriage – What it Means and 6 Ways to Improve it

Marriage in itself is a commitment, and while getting married, one must pledge to take up certain obligations for life.

The community of Christians gives paramount importance to commitment in a marriage. It is one of the most highly valued principles of marriage.

People who still believe in marriage and its importance in the basics of society achnkowlege commitment very well.

Biblical backups on commitment

Commitment is the most intrinsic part of a marriage. It is also part of introduction in the fundamental marriage definition in the Holy Bible:

For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and unite to his wife, and they will become one flesh.’(Genesis, 2:24).

The scripture presents this decision as a once-and-for-all experience. Jesus said, ‘Therefore, what God has joined together, let man not separate.’ (Matthew 19:6)

The description of marriage in Genesis 2 goes on to say, ‘The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.’

Quote from the above indicates commitments is vital in case of a relationship between a man and a woman.Who desires to be together and have the freedom to be what they want to be.

How does commitment work?

To convey our feelings, desires and thoughts openly, we need safety. People who seek intimacy and security through cohabitation instead of marriage desire commitment also.

However, they fail to realize that such a nebulous commitment cannot fetch them what they truly desire.

Most of the married couples are vulnerable and attempt the same mistake. They often expect the sole action of making a vow during marriage to almost magically result in intimacy and close union.

Commitment goes much ahead of the vow taken initially, and it translates dedication in action.

The two facets of commitment

Commitment, though an essential ingredient of marriage, has both positive and negative facets associated with it.

  1. The positive facet

The positive facet of a commitment lays in your actions; things that you do to nurture your marriage – your bond with your partner.

It can include planning meals together, going out in the evenings, spending time together etc.

  1. The negative facet

Negative facets include all activities which couples perform to bridge distance in their relationship.

It also includes preventing any external forces from separating one from the other. Most likely, it takes into account restrictions on communicating opposite gender pals.

What does commitment require?

During the period of our ancestors, life wasn’t so strict, and therefore there were no considerable costs to commitment.

But today, commitment is costly and requires time and effort as well. It’s not easy to commit and forget.

You must give time to your spouse and make small sacrifices in life to live up to your words. There lies the essence of marriage.

People go off their confort zones in making sacrifices to prove love and affection towards their partners.

They do it without any hard feeling like that they are climbing Mount Everest. They actually value marriage and recognize its importance.

How to improve commitment in marriage

Before marriage, you both have a level of commitment that gave both f you the courage to agree to get married.

However, certain chanllenges might reduce the spark in your relationshio . To improve your commitment level, the ideas here will be helpful;

  1. Destroy all forms of distractions

A whole lot of distractions tempt you and tears your relationship apart. You might see most of them as minor issues, but they are harming your marriage.

For instance, a friend sends you a video at midnight, and you are up to view it. And it’s exactly the exact time you are supposed to be with your husband.

And maybe the video is pornographic. You might see it like a minor case. Is it not just a video?

But on the real sense, it is slowly killing your marriage. You might take time thinking about the video later, and you gradually get addicted to such.

To most common form of distraction, this day is social media. Limit the time you spend on social media to get more time for your marriage.

Indeed, it is not easy. It can be difficult. All you need is discipline.

Once you start allowing those distractions to take a good chunk of your time, you begin to view your partner as not good enough.

Distractions can destroy your marriage.

  1. Let your actions reflect your commitment

Voice your commitment with your behavior. Honestly, the way you treat your partner shows the level of commitment you have.

You can date, laugh together, be available for talks and make out time to be alone with your partner.

These actions and more will occupy your time and get you committed. It will create no room for external interferences.

  1. Make sacrifices

Marriage is majorly all about sacrifices, and you can make such sacrifices if there is commitment.

Note that it must not necessarily be a huge sacrifice. Even the sacrifce you consider small makes more impact, which makes your partner to feel good

In such a way, you will improve the trust he or she has for you.

All you need do is figure out those little things that can make your partner feel good and do them.

  1. Attach much importance to your marriage

Married people have a wide range of things that they handle daily. They have their marriage, work, friends, and lots of other things in mind.

What makes them unique is what they attach much priority. If couples have significant emphasis on the marriage, they’ll spend more time together to make it sucessful.

The time spent on this issue shows they are committed to the marriage. All the activities of everyday are essential, but the more critical is marriage.

  1. Understand your partner

Understanding your partner requires your willingness to do so. Yes, it is good to argue over things but in the middle of the argument, try to see things the other way round.

Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and see if when faced with the same situation what you can do.

Understanding is a part of the commitment that separates terrible relationships from the good ones.

Sometimes all your partner wants is your ears. She wants to tell you all her fears and worry, and the only way you can help out is to understand.

Which often is all that is so important at that time being.Practice understanding in your relationship, and you will see yourself more committed in your marriage than ever.

  1. Frequently remember the positive aspects of your marriage

If possible, make a list of the positive aspects of your relationship and continuously evaluate and add more content.

Indeed, you have so many testimonies as it concerns your marriage. It could be how much you have improved, what you love about your partner, etc. Regularly remind yourself of these things and let your partner know you appreciate them.

Final words

The establishment of true faith comes through action, and a saying goes that ‘actions speak louder than words’.

So, it’s time to put all your commitments into action to preserve the institution of marriage.

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