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Counter-Strike: The Height Of Online Tactical Combat Simulation

Counter Strike is one of the most complex first-person shooting computer game. You have to use the radio, send text messages to your teammates, buy items, and cycle through weapons and more while struggling to stay alive.

Before playing, you must set up your controls on your keyboard in a way that will let you control Counter Strike’s many keys without looking away from the monitor.

Counter Strike was first released to the public on June 18th, 1999. In the beginning it was just another fan-produced mod for Half-Life.

But after a series of improving beta releases, tactical gameplay was polished and enhanced and new concepts and maps were brought in, and Counter Strike morphed into a whole new game.

Today, Counter Strike by far the most popular Online Tactical Combat Simulation action game, with tens of thousands of users playing at any given time.

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While sold separately in retail stores, Counter Strike is still available as a free download for existing owners of Half-Life.

Counter Strike, a multiplayer modification for Half-Life, pits two teams against each other: the terrorists and counter-terrorists (CTs).

The terrorists are the bad guys and the counter-terrorists are the good guys, much like the SWAT team for lack of a better comparison.

It is the counter-terrorists’ job to complete whatever objective the map holds within the given time frame or to completely exterminate the terrorist threat.

Players can buy weapons, ammo, and equipment that are realistically modeled after their real-world counterparts.

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In this modification teamwork is greatly encouraged in order to complete the map’s objectives.

After every round team members are allocated money based on individual and team performance for that round.

In Counter Strike, players square off on one of two teams: Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. Each team has specific objectives for each map, such as rescuing hostages, bombing a target, or escaping a certain area.

Players earn money with which they buy weapons, equipment, and ammunition based on how they perform.

With realistic locations, weapons, and physics, Counter Strike is about as close as you’ll ever get to saving the world or destroying it.

Counter Strike contains a large variety of weapons, ammo, and equipment modeled after real-world counterparts of the same type. Players who are familiar with weapons such as the AK-47 and MP5 should probably know what to expect from the weapons in Counter Strike.

In order to buy equipment, ammo, or weapons the player must be in a “shopping cart” area. A little green shopping cart will appear on the left hand side of the player’s screen while he or she is able to buy goods.

The default keyboard bind to pull up the “buy menu” is ‘B’. Pressing B will give the player a list of categories to purchase items from.

From there, the player can decide what he or she needs to achieve their team’s goal.

When a player is eliminated in Counter Strike he is unable to continue playing until the round ends.

While the player is dead he or she enters a spectator mode in which they are free to roam the entire map and check out the action as it continues to unfold.

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