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Popular Poker Rooms Online

Of all the different games available online, poker still enjoys the most popularity. Because of this huge popularity, many websites are exclusively dedicated to the game.

And as we know, the more the choices the harder it is to choose. But we are here to help you out. Here is a list of the top online poker rooms where, we believe, you will have real fun to play.

Paradise Poker

Consistently being ranked among the top online poker rooms, Paradise Poker offers you most of the variations of the game, you can even play in tournaments that run 24 hours a day.

The best thing about this site is that the playing environment is not cluttered and hence is easy on your eyes.

And if you are looking for credibility and security this is the place to be. With Pricewaterhouse Coopers reviewing their shuffling techniques and endorsing them you really can’t ask for more.

Party Poker

Enjoying the heaviest traffic Party Poker has definitely reaped rewards of a strong and aggressive advertising campaign.

They also have a huge draw for their annual tournament Party Poker Million, which is a big multi-table event.

But there have been complaints regarding their customer service. Their graphics are also not quite up to scratch. And it should be noted that Party Poker does not allow you to play professionally.

Poker Stars

With more and more people getting interested in multi-table tournaments, Poker Stars decision to specialize in this particular segment has given them a real USP.

They are also pretty popular with people who play just for the fun of it, as they offer you the option to play with play money.

With a much-cluttered interface, it is not always easy to make out everything, but they do offer their players the option to create exclusive identities graphically.


Backed by the Hilton Group this room definitely scores very high on the credibility scale. With a good traffic pouring in and a range of games to choose from, the room is never out of action also.

They also sponsor one of the biggest poker tournaments called the Ladbrokes Poker Million. But this is exclusively for the Europeans and US players are not allowed to play.

Though the software performs the necessary functions well, there is nothing special to write home about.

Hollywood Poker

Having entered the online poker scene relatively late, Hollywood Poker has already made an impact.

Obviously the incentive of playing with your favorite stars is huge. It gives you an opportunity to share the same table with your most loved stars, albeit the table is virtual.

Being able to rope in James Wood as their official Spokesperson has been a big boost for the company.

The graphics are not exceptional, but the room does allow the players a wide range of choices so that they can have a highly personalized experience.

The traffic although not very high till now every indication is that it will go up in the coming days. 

As you can well make out the range of choices is enormous and every site would claim to be different from the other.

Each would maintain that they are real value for your money. Our advice would be to choose wisely.

Try and figure out if the room is reliable and if it suits your personal taste. Once you find the place you like, you can get down to the business of playing.

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